Daisy 2   

In shelter Dog

Doylestown Township, Bucks County, Pe...
Boxer, Terrier, Mixed
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with Black
Lost or found date:
Pet name:
Daisy 2
Coat length:
~Daisy is an incredibly sweet and playful dog. She is almost 3 years old and 45 lb. She loves to play, and run and chase balls and toys. She has a torn right ACL from her puppy days, but it doesn’t normally bother her. She is great with the crate, and is housebroken.  She is improving on the leash and is learning to sit, stay and come.  She is so sweet with kids, even young active ones, and is friendly with every dog we've come across. We’re told she is even cat friendly with proper intros. Daisy is very happy to keep someone company while they are working in a home office. She just loves to be with people. She is quite fast and would do best with a fenced in yard where she can really let loose.  She has a very sweet disposition and will make a wonderful loving family member in her forever home. 3 Attached Images Please email us at AlmostHome4Dogs@yahoo.com to find out if Daisy 2 is the right one for you! (Local adoptions preferred — Philadelphia and tri-state area [South Jersey and northern Delaware] only.) PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING US!  We are NOT a shelter: All of our dogs live in private homes with foster families. Come and meet the Almost Home dogs and their fosters at our Meet & Greet events, where you can learn more about our wonderful dogs from the people who live with them, find out which dogs are on their way and when they’ll arrive, and fill out an application to adopt or foster. We cannot adopt to homes where electric-shock fencing systems or training collars are used. For more information on the dangers of electric-shock collars, please visit banshockcollars.ca/studies.php and http://www.hollysden.com/say_no_to_shock.htm (scroll down and click on the  "Invisible Fencing Systems" link). We do not have an online adoption application; to request an application, e-mail us at AlmostHome4Dogs@yahoo.com. To speed e-mail processing time, be sure to note the name of the dog you are inquiring about in the Subject line. For Meet & Greet times and locations, visit our home page, where you also will find information on our adoption process and fees. FOSTER FAMILIES ARE LIFESAVERS!! Can you open your heart and home for a few weeks to homeless shelter dog? Remember, by fostering a dog, you save TWO lives — that of your foster dog, and that of the dog who takes his place in the shelter! Come to a Meet & Greet and find out if fostering is for you — there's no reward quite like the feeling that you've saved a life ... or two!


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