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Siena a Boxer-Whippet mix puppy   

In shelter Dog

Arlington, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Coun...
Pet name:
Siena a Boxer-Whippet mix puppy
Boxer, Whippet, Mixed
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with Black
Coat length:

Is a gorgeous, sweet, loving 6-month-old, 30-pound female Boxer-Whippet mix. Siena has beautiful     coloring and a wonderful but shy personality.        Siena was dumped on the streets by her former humans and was picked up as a stray. Siena will be microchipped for her new humans. Siena is sweet, intelligent, loving, and needs people she can depend on for the rest of her life, who will never let her down and treat her as the most precious of gifts.    Siena has a beautiful body with long legs and a sweet gracefulness as well as still having the awkward teenage puppy growth clumsiness. She is a hoot! Siena will need a fenced yard for potty and to play with her buddy as well as have a committed adopter who will walk her, keep her in shape and feed her the foods we recommend for her health and to allow proper growth of her bones and teeth. Siena may top out at 45 pounds, nice and compact. her shyness comes from spending almost 4 weeks in a loud, crowded, and cold concrete shelter cage. Siena is slowly regaining her confidence and will need someone who is experienced with shy rescue dogs, patient and wiling to work with her to build her self-confidence again. Siena needs a savvy dog person who will be gentle and patient.  

All Rompin Paws Rescue dogs who will grow to be 30 pounds or larger is required per our contract to use one of our approved trainers for ongoing training of their new pup. for adoption, the pup must be registered with one of our approved trainers prior to taking her home.  The end goal is to train the dog to be under complete voice control for her safety and yours and to achieve the Canine Good Citizen Certificate. Siena is a smart puppy who will excel in her training.   

Siena will do best with a young adult (trained) dog in the home    for mentoring and to have a friend to play with and be buddies. At least 30 pounds or larger is best and spayed or fixed. Rompin Paws does not adopt puppies as only dogs. They are pack animals and learn from their adult dog friends.  

Siena is of two hunting breeds.    No cats and no small dog breeds as she sees them as prey.  

Siena is on a Human-Grade Raw and rehydrated food diet. Rompin Paws Rescue educates our adopters in canine-specific feeding for the dogs' health and longevity.  

To apply to adopt Siena, please fill out our online application. Siena will be very popular so please do not write us to ask if she is available. We take all dogs offline once we find a suitable candidate. Siena has an adoption fee of $695.00 and all fees are recycled to save seniors and other medical dogs in need.


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