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Gracie Glow   

In shelter Dog

Ramona, California, 92065
Pet name:
Gracie Glow
Chihuahua, Beagle, Mixed
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
Coat length:
Meet Gracie Glow! 

Gracie Glow was surrendered with her brother Pogo to Orange County Animal Care by their owner for unknown reasons. She is 12 years old and weighs 16 lbs. Gracie Glow and Pogo are very bonded to each other, and we are looking to place them in a home together. Their forever family will get twice the love! 

Gracie Glow and Pogo went away for the weekend with the founders of FFF, and we learned a lot about this cute duo! Gracie Glow and Pogo are perfectly behaved companions whether out to eat at restaurants, at the beach with friends, or at home watching a movie. They are potty trained, and Gracie even wildly paces & cries when she has to go! They can go up and down 15 stairs (slowly), they never bark unless Gracie Glow sees a leash or is begging for food, and Pogo can find a blanket and fall asleep just about anywhere. Both of them sleep through the night. 

Gracie Glow and Pogo also went on a two-week Frosted Fling, and they earned more rave reviews! Their fling mom describes Gracie as a spunky little girl who wants to be close to her human and loves to cuddle. If you aren't available to cuddle, she is content to lay at your feet or nap nearby. She makes cute little sounds of anticipation and excitement when you bend down to give her attention. Gracie loves walks and exploring the neighborhood, jumping with excitement when she sees a leash. After a short morning walk, Gracie is content to nap the day away next to you. 

Gracie Glow and Pogo's mom shares, "Gracie Glow and Pogo are an easy duo! Adopters should not feel intimidated to take two pups home if they are these two! It's clear this bonded pair has lived in a home their entire lives. They settled into my home instantly, making themselves comfortable on all the soft surfaces offered. These two are house trained and have never had an accident in doors. There was no adjustment needed, they transitioned into our eating/sleeping/potty schedule seamlessly, as if they had been with me their entire lives. They both sleep through the night and wait to be woken up in the mornings. Nothing fazes them. Fireworks? What fireworks? Vacuum? Just go around me. Kids? No problem. Strangers? Yes, please! Other dogs? Let's all cuddle! Gracie Glow and Pogo are ready for their forever family to find them. These two would fit so easily into any home."

Double the love in your life - adopt Gracie Glow and Pogo! Apply here:


Gracie Glow is onsite at Frosted Faces Foundation. You can meet her and Pogo during our Open House: Saturdays & Sundays, 10 am - 1 pm. 

Learn more about our programs at No adoption fees, and we help with medical costs! 

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