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Mika D4499   

In shelter Dog

Fremont, Alameda County, California, ...
Pet name:
Mika D4499
We rescued sweetie Mika from a shelter when her previous guardian surrendered her there. Person told shelter that she is 8 yrs but we will need our vet to confirm with exam. She seems younger maybe 6 yrs.  She was sad confused and nervous at the shelter for first few days but warmed up to the shelter staff.  At first she was nervous of being picked up but after a few days she was fine with being petting and picked up. Easy on leash and curious.  Good with polite dogs.  Already doing well on her first day at her foster home with 2 other dogs. When she met us it took her a couple of minutes to approach and take Full Moon Chicken filet treats. Then she was friendly tail wagging approaching us for more treats and being petted. She is a sweetie and needs a true forever home for life. Mika needs to eat healthy foods and lose weight with daily walks. Adorable. 
 3/15/21 Update: She sees our feral cat on porch and doesn’t seem to really care. She looks but doesn’t bark or try to chase. She is potty trained she was for most part when she arrived but we had to fine tune in the last month. She is a funny dog not big on much affection but does like to be close and sit on my lap. She likes toys will chase after toys/balls walks and loves her bed. She does not like to be picked up unless she’s inside her bed we call it her “elevator”.
 6/22/21 update: Mika had an abscess infection on her left cheek from infected molar. First vet cleaned and gave pain meds & antibiotics. 2nd vet did dental and extracted 2 back molar teeth. $700. Donations greatly appreciated.