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Abby *Please read all bio 1st*   

In shelter Dog

Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, ...
Pet name:
Abby *Please read all bio 1st*
Chihuahua, Mixed
Black with White
Coat length:
Please read ALL of the bio as it has specific information regarding specifics & needs for this little cutie!!


Here are the facts about: ABBY


Abby is a female, 13 pound, spayed 1 year old Rat Terrier/Chihuahua Mix (best guess) that has a lot of energy. She came from a bad situation that had 30+ dogs living in it so she is very skittish around new people as she was only used to one person. She has warmed up to their foster mom but you need to be patient. She really connects w/ one person & w/ a lot of kindness & patience, has started to connect with foster dad too (he offers the food). No kids!!! Her biggest flaw is potty training. She was never trained & at first, she went EVERYWHERE. We have her in "party panties" & it's helping with the training some as she is really food motivated but you really have to be quick with her. As soon as she wakes up or starts moving, I instantly start talking about going outside & taking the panties off & then open the door so we're having more yay moments BUT we still have clean-up's. If accidents are going to upset you, she is not the dog for you because as hopeful as I am for her, this may be something that comes with Abby.

BUT once she connects with you, you will have little cling-on that just want to be wherever you are. She sleeps right next to foster mom in bed & gets as close as she can & absolutely adores you. She needs work on the leash as this was never worked with & we have been doing some but it’s still pretty scary for her. Because of this, you MUST have a secured, fenced in yard. Abby loves other dogs, toys, chewies & is ok with cats.

Will she be a lot of work? Yep. Is she worth it? ABSOLUTELY! 

Ever considered wanting to do agility or a fun sport with a little dog to get you up & moving? Abby would be a definite Rockstar!

If you have pets, they must be fixed, up to date on shots & your dog/s must be on heartworm prevention to be considered. We DO check your vet references.
We are an all volunteer organization and do not have a brick and mortar facility so there is no place for you to "come see the littles". Please do not call us about our adoptable dogs. If you email us, we will respond, answering your questions within 48 hours of your inquiry. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. 

Our Adoption Process: 

We are a small rescue & are limited on our resources. We take great pride in personal doing reference checks as well as home checks along w/ meet & greets to ensure that it is a perfect match all the way around. We are based out of Jacksonville, Fl & our typical adoption radius is 250 miles BUT we have been known to expand that a little for the most perfect home. If you want to apply to be reviewed when s/he is finally ready to be adopted, you can go to our website, go to adoption, fill out the application & email it back to us or if you wish to know more about this pet, please contact 

We require an application to be completed & submitted if you wish to adopt a dog from Papillon Pals. Once the application is received, our Adoption Committee reviews the application to make sure the applicant meets the requirements for adopting the dog (for example: requires a fenced yard, or a stay-at-home adopter, etc.). We then check personal and vet references. If all is well with the references, we contact the applicant to schedule a time to take the dog to their home and meet all of the family. All information is then submitted to our Adoption Committee for review/approval. This process may take up to two weeks to complete.