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Hightstown, Mercer County, New Jersey...
Pet name:
Hatch Date: early 2020

Cheeku is a young, approximately 1 year old, female, Pied Cockatiel. She is a beauty.

Cheeku loves being out of her cage and where the action is. She is extremely social, but on her terms. Cheeku is an excellent flier and likes to hang out on our shoulders. She seems to like everyone she meets. And loves head scratches.

Setting a place at the kitchen table for Cheeku at meal time is essential if you want to eat your own dinner in peace. She loves greens, bread, really she will try anything on your plate. If it is someone else's, she wants it. So you will have to be careful to only let her have bird safe foods. 

She was laying a clutch a 5 eggs a couple of time in her previous home. She did this in a basket in her cage. Her foster mom removed these as after a few days, .It is important to ensure there are no baskets or other nests in her cage as egg laying should be discouraged. It is very taxing on the body's energy and nutrients. She will only be adopted out to a home with another female cockatiel or other species.

Her previous home had another female cockatiel that Cheeku would pick on. Since being in her foster home for 2 weeks, she has been either social with the other cockatiels in the house, or has been content to do her own thing. But has shown no aggression.

As mentioned previously, Cheeku is very social and would love to be out of her cage most of the day and with her family. She does know how to step up, but she conveniently forgets how when it is time to go back in her cage. Her foster mom has had to have patience to get her back in her cage. She will go by  herself or from the shoulder or hand. But it may take so coaxing and patience. 

Cheeku is being fostered in Manalapan, NJ and will only be adopted to a home within driving distance; we do not ship our adoptable birds. For the Love of Birds is a network of dedicated foster home throughout NJ and Eastern PA, we have no central location. As our adoptable birds are living in volunteer homes, we only allow approved applicants to meet our birds. If interested in meeting Cheeku please review our adoption policies and complete an adoption application on our website



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