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Juju Bee (Barn Cat)   

In shelter Cat

Orange Grove Island, Osceola County, ...
Pet name:
Juju Bee (Barn Cat)
Domestic Medium Hair
Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby
For more information call the foster listed. We will be pleased to answer any of your questions. You may also e-mail or call 321-441-6481. Thank you!Juju Bee came to rescue as a little kitten, very scared and very shy.  We were not able to locate a foster to help socialize her, so she is somewhat still the same.  She does get along with cats, could also be good on her own.  She will let you pet her at times, especially at feeding time, she is not mean or not a biter.  She would be considered a good barn kitty or at least a good companion to another kitty if you are not seeking affection from her.  That could change however.  Juju Bee is used to living in a home and not outside, she likes laser lights, catnip, playtoys, and is all around a good girl.  Handling is difficult but not impossible.  We'd like to see her have a place in this world where she can belong and be welcome.


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