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Baby Kitty   

In shelter Cat

Aurora, Colorado, 80045
Pet name:
Baby Kitty
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Please contact Kristin ( for more information about this pet.

Baby Kitty is a very playful and energetic cat. She loves to be around her person and always is by your side or hanging out in the room you’re in. She loves to play and run around. She will always be around to watch you do things! She’s super soft and likes to cuddle and head butt. Sometimes she gets overstimulated and needs a break from petting or cuddling (she likes it on her terms). A home that respects her space when she wants it is important. She gets stressed around new people and places but will become comfortable around them the longer she knows them. Baby Kitty loves to jump. She will come up to you and jump to show her love. She’s well mannered and never goes on counter tops, tables, etc. She loves to look out the window too! Baby Kitty is an entertaining cat to have in your home and will always find a way to make you laugh!
Children 12 and up would be compatible with Baby Kitty. Baby Kitty was born in 2017. Foster: ZD
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