Shay - Needs a playmate!   

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Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylva...
Domestic Short Hair
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Shay - Needs a playmate!
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Please contact Annette ( for more information about this pet.Good with other cats!Shay is such a character! She likes to play and run and chase things around, particularly anything that drops on the floor: a a blueberry, a paperclip, even a piece of lettuce! But since the young cats who helped show her how to play with toys have been adopted, she really needs another kitten or young cat to keep her stimulated. She's very good with other kitties, as long as they're not aggressive toward her.Shay is very outgoing and friendly, gets along fine with her foster housemates, and will, from time to time, climb into her foster mom's lap for a quick cuddle. She's becoming more affectionate, often winding around her foster mom's legs while she's working at the sink. She's also a nighttime bed buddy and is very huggable and kissable. Shay's has as very unique back story. She was found all alone under a porch in the city of Harrisburg when she was about 3 months old. The young couple who found her discovered that she seemed to have a combination of diarrhea and constipation. Once Castaway Critters took her into foster care, she was taken for an initial exam and then a several-day stay at an emergency clinic where she was discovered to have a rectal stricture, which meant (to put it delicately) her poop didn't have much of a way out. So she underwent successful surgery, although she did return to the vet a few times after that due to constipation and began taking a laxative three times a day, along with being fed mostly wet food. The update is all good: Shay no longer needs the laxative, is eating both dry and wet food, and is "doing her business" naturally.Through all of this, she only rarely seemed sick and usually maintained her feisty, fun-loving spirit. I wouldn't recommend her for households with young children or older cats. Shay is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped and has tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV. For more details on this lovable, little dickens, contact her foster mom Annette (that's me) in Harrisburg at To start the adoption process, please complete an online adoption application.


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