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Siren (and Satar)   

In shelter Cat

West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, F...
Pet name:
Siren (and Satar)
Domestic Short Hair
Siren is a sweet, adorable tuxedo girl.  Look at those ears!  She's playful and fun.  We rescued her with her gray and white handsome brother Satar.  They are still so tiny and all ready for their new home.  They have been in a loving foster home with Brad, the handsome, chill teenager kitty, also ready for adoption. Please call (561) 784-4792 for more information or to arrange to meet this lovely pair!If you are considering adopting a kitten here are 10 reasons to consider adopting two!

#10 - Having two kittens is insanely fun. Have you ever seen kittens playing together? Enough said.


#9 - They act as pillows for one another and keep each other warm. 


#8 - You will see fewer behavior problems with two kittens. What may be perceived as mischief is often a result of boredom. Two kittens will play with each other and not your curtains.


#7 - Two kittens help each other burn off energy. Even the most devoted human caregiver can quickly become tired of keeping a kitten out of trouble.


#6 - Kittens learn from each other. You don't have to worry about training your kitten because kittens learn from one another. They follow each other to the litter and learn their environment together.


#5 - If you have an older cat and want a kitten, you must get two. This might sound strange but if you take home a small kitten to an older cat, the kitten will drive your cat crazy trying to play. Your older cat could become stressed


#4 - A lonely kitten is a bored kitten. Most people are out of the house an average of 12 hours a day. A bored kitten will get into things, but if they have someone to interact with, they will be much happier and calmer.


#3 - No finicky eaters in a two-kitten home. Some cats are finicky about food, but when there is competition for the food bowl, they quickly overcome being picky about food. 


#2 - We all need a best friend. Two kittens that grow up together will almost always become friends for life. When you are away, your cats will have each other.

And, the #1 reason you should adopt two kittens: you will be saving two lives instead of one.