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Lucy (cat)   

In shelter Cat

Pittsboro, Chatham County, North Caro...
Pet name:
Lucy (cat)
Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Coat length:
Lucy isn't in the CARE foster system. She is listed as a courtesy and CARE isn't responsible for any issues with her or the adoption process.“Isn’t it fun how, like people, cats and pups (though it pains me to admit it) have their own personalities. Some of us like to sleep all the time and some like to eat all the time! Some of us love to play and some will talk a lot, for no apparent reason. I’m a cute mixture of these traits; I don’t eat much (keeping my cute little figure in shape), I sleep only when I’m exhausted from playing so hard, or bored, and I talk a LOT!  I’ll let you know when I need pets or a hug, and that’s pretty often because I really (really) like being with my people. The trouble now is that “my people” got into a situation where they were no longer able to care for me. I’d really like another kitty with whom to play. So here I am, looking for a new family. I’m looking through my one good eye, that is! I’m sure you’ll notice if you look at my pic closely, so let me get it out there. You know how baby cats have SUPER sharp little claws!? When I was very young, I was wrestling and playing rough with my siblings and somehow took a claw in the eye. At least that is the vet’s best guess. I was given meds, but nothing helped, so I have this permanent little wink-thing going on.  I’m extra cautious when in a new place or hear unexpected noises, because I need my good eye to let me know it’s okay. There, all my secrets are out. Please don’t let that stop you from falling in love with me!”


Lucy said it all; she gets along with other cats and dogs (with proper introductions) and is easy to have around! Please call 919-935-3792 for more info. Her adoption fee is $100.