Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby
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Due to COVID-19 we are currently modifying our adoption process in order to safeguard exposure to the virus, all our cats are in foster homes. Complete and Submit the Adoption Application online, include the pets name (NO NUMBERS). If the pet is available, and your Adoption Application is approved or being considered, an AAS representative will call you.      Birthdate: December 2018 Blair update: As it turned out we had Blair pegged wrong! Blair did not like being in a foster room. Which she wanted was to be with people and other animals, who she was fine with. Once Blair got free roam of her foster home her personality changed. It really showed how much she loves people and hated to be away from them. She is super sweet, loves to sleep at the foot of your bed. If your feet are dangling from the bed or chair, she will rub them with her sweet face.She likes to play with other cats and gets along with the dogs fine. First update:  Blair loves people and she does not discriminate (men, women or children), as long as you are human. She considers a good time lounging, curled up watching a movie or program. As long as she can be near someone. Blair does enjoy a good game of ’cat and mouse’ or ‘cat and feathers’, she is quite competitive, but will accept a loss like a champ.  Blair has a lot of energy and loves interaction, she’ll grab your hand and then run...she is goofy and fun. She has a strong personality and probably be better as a single cat or with someone who can stand up to her. Once the other cat holds their ground, Blair wants to be their friend and play. Blair has a sweet disposition and you can tell by her pictures that she loves to gaze into your eyes. It feels as if she is saying something profound or philosophical. The bottom line is that Blair is a great catch! You can meet this wonderful kitty most Saturdays at the Pembroke Pines Petsmart between 12 and 6 pm. You can fill out an application for Blair at the Pembroke Pines Petsmart or go to to fill out an application online or print and fax one to (954) 965-0406. Petsmart employees are not familiar with the cats available through Adopt A Stray.  Please contact Adopt A Stray directly. Learn more about Adopt A Stray by visiting our website


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