Geraldine Undercover Snuggler   

In shelter Cat

Holtwood, Pennsylvania, 17532
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby, Mixed
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Geraldine Undercover Snuggler
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Application, References and Adoption Fee Required Please visit us at for more information about our rescue.   Geraldine came to me unplanned and unannounced.  I went walking to get my mail and I heard horrible wailing cat cries.  I walked a few houses down and saw a cat tied to a porch with a bungee cord rope around its back legs.   The resident of the house told me it had belonged to a neighbor that moved out a few days before but left a this cat behind.  The property manager had told the resident to remove the cat and he had planned to take the cat and drop it at a farm he knew of.  Knowing that tame cats dropped at farms don't always fare so well and wander the roads only to meet an untimely end,  but knowing I didn't really have room for one more, I was at a loss at what to do. ......... I made room for one more.  This is Geraldine.  She didn't ask to be left behind.  She is one of the sweetest things Iv'e ever seen.  She loves to sit on my lap and purr like a motor boat.  She is getting used to the other cats in the room, and she loves to eat.   She is now spayed and treated for the fleas her former owner let her keep til she was scabbed from scratching.   She is starting to put on weight and  with a good diet should fill out well and recover from her rough start.   Can you give Geraldine her forever home and a happy ending?   UPDATE:  Geraldine was adopted and given a second chance, but the adopter returned her to us citing litterbox issues.  Geraldine was taken to the vet, who said she had a raring urinary tract infection.  We treated her infection with several antibiotics and then another antibiotic injection.  She is still her lovable self, but this time she is looking for a home that will stick with her thru thick and thin, and so can you be her forever family?  Third time is the charm !    Please visit our sweet kitties at the Fruitville Pike Petsmart in Lancaster, PA on Saturdays from 1:30-3:30pm.  If you are interested in a specific cat or kitten, please email first to see if it will be shown that day. Please email us at for more information. Kitty Colony is a 501c3 non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.  


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