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In shelter Dog

Sarnia, Ontario, N0N 1C0
Pet name:
English Bulldog
Hello my name is Zelda I'm a bulldog and I'm almost five years old. I have recently moved into a new foster home and I live with two other dogs one named Walter and one named Philly I don't know how old they are I can't count.I think I am I beautiful and agreeable girl but my foster mother keeps saying words like unworldly, no boundaries, and pushy. Apparently that's not too weird for a bulldog girl? I don't know I just know that I am what I am.My foster mother says I'm a hog and that I steal toys and resource guard and that if she's not careful I will resource guard my people too, so it sounds like they're very careful to not leave toys around or let me up on the couch. I love the couch and when I get on the couch I get so excited I feel like I need to hump the person who's on the couch with me. Once I get told off (which is every time) I usually settle on the floor or on my dog bed and chew my bones or my toysI don't mind being lazy but I also enjoy walks I apparently don't know this thing called a recall so I don't get to go loose but that's okay...if you have food and teach me I will learn.I am head of kitchen supervision, I am queen of my toys and chewing, other dogs give me confidence but I was a lone wolf for 4 years .My foster mum acts like she knows everything and says. I need a strong owner ( physically and mentally) with good boundaries. I don't think kids are my bag I haven't done anything wrong but noises and people randomly taking my toys might not be a great mix. I have stranger danger sometimes. I need to work on how I meet new people and I don't like strangers getting in my face or reaching over my head. I think that's reasonable. People see my smushy face and want to touch it WHY? When people come over I have to go into my crate until I have calmed down. I met my foster Bros dog walker it was ok but I got scared when he touched my face then I like to bark.Quiet homes are nice. Walks around the blocks are nice. I'm slowly gaining weight and my eyes are getting better ( I don't fight to have my drops anymore my foster mum let's me bite the bottle just to show it whose boss) . I need the comfort of my crate I sleep loose at night and I'm eating a combination of raw and fish dog food. We weren't sure if I had allergies I seem to love fish and chicken. I'm working on some health issues. They took my lady bits away from me about a month ago.I was pretty stinky but I definitely stink less...I don't love baths but I can pull it off if you're calm and nice with me. I'm working hard at being good!! I think I'm good. I love a snuggle.Only dog or a laid back male would be great. I have no reactivity or aggression towards any others canine beings when they're outside of my house I don't like strange dogs coming into my house.I probably would like to learn how to play. Maybe in a closed off dog park where I can't run away of I don't like it. Just consistency , patience, and I will be moving on UP! I'm good and lovely I promise!Home Requirements- dog savy cats-no kids under the age of 10- dog only home or laid back male ( maybe)


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