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In shelter Dog

Spring, Texas, 77373
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog, Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler, Mixed
Tricolor (Tan, Brown & Black & White)
Coat length:
Just finished basic training. Not appropriate for apartmentMs Katie is ready for her debut.  She just finished her basic training.   She knows place, sit, go, here.   She is crate trained and leash trained as well.    Katie is the smarest girl ever.  
Katie runs with the pack (or more accurately, runs the pack) she is definitely an alpha personality. She is German Shepherd and Cattle Dog.  Two working breeds that need a job and a lot of stimulous.   She goes non stop and keeps everyone on their toes.  She will be a great running companion once she is a bit older.
She is a talker and lets you know when there is an issue. If a puppy is in the wrong crate, a puppy on the couch or, the group playing to rough - She has a lot to say.
Smart! She is house, crate trained. She figured out the doggie door weeks before I would have approved, but there is no stopping her when she sets her mind to learning something.
She sits for treats. Not because she was trained to, but because she watched the pack and learned. She is going to be an exceptional dog given the right owner.
She requires an active home.   Because of her intelligence, she will become bored and then destructive which will not make anyone happy.   Katie is a pleaser and learns very quickly.

Her perfect home will be older children, an active family and definitely a yard. Katie will do best with a companion dog in the family.  She is not an apartment dog.   She has 2 speeds, full out or asleep.   If you think you can provide Katie with the stimulous and love that she will require, she will be an awesome dog.
Please contact  for more information about this dog. You can apply online by clicking on  Application  . 
 Puppies  that are under 4 months old cannot be adopted outside of our Veterinary Service area.  Please call for specific locations.  Children under 8 years old  often are not a good match for our puppies and dogs.   In order to protect both, your child and our rescued dogs/puppies from harm, we seldom if ever adopt to families with young children.
Once your application is approved, we will schedule a meet and greet at one of our adoption events.  Thank you for considering a rescue!  The adoption fee includes vaccinations, Bordetella, de-worming, rabies, spay/neuter and microchip. There is a an additional $12.99 fee for Home Again for a lifetime registration of the microchip.
Puppies cannot be adopted outside of the Houston area until they are spay/neutered after they are 4 months old.  It is against the law in the State of Texas for a rescue not to be sterilized so we have to make sure it gets completed and that we have record of it. 
 NOTE: In our bios, we provide information based on our volunteer's experience with a particular dog; such as temperament, training, and ability to get along with others. 
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