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In shelter Dog

Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County, Ohio, ...
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Coat length:
Ella is an 
18 mo old female GSD, 45 lbs, should be 60 lbs, red standard color.  

Good with people and most dogs, has some food and barrier aggression that is subsiding as she is getting regular meals. 

No cats for her.

Baby came to us with her mother from a drug house situation. The brother took possession of the dogs in order to find them a better home and we thank him for that. They were starved, chained, locked in a garage and had to be partially shaved as they got into some sort of adhesive and had it all matted in their fur. They were also never named. Dogs are amazing, after all this trauma, they both just want love and a family that will love them back. They are now house trained and working on basic manners. Ella is a goofball and just wants to play and run. She is more independent than Momma but still loves her snuggle time. She is with 7 other dogs right now but is not the best at reading their body language. She has not had a lot of exposure to other dogs but does want to play. She does not seem to be food aggressive with other dogs but I would recommend feeding separate because she will try and steal the others food which could lead to a fight. She is fine with eating in her crate and does take treats nice. She is not food aggressive towards humans 

at all. She walks ok on a leash and will pull if she sees a cat but redirects rather easily. If not leashed and she sees a cat, it better be faster than her or get up high, I do think she would harm it. She is doing better than Momma about not jumping up on people. She is a good snuggler and will lay right across your lap and be a ham about getting her pets but seems to be more independent than Momma. She also has heart worm that will be treated but it takes a while. We are open to foster to adopt but she will need to be on crate rest for at least a month after her treatment begins and then limited walks for another couple months. She will not be able to be fixed right away because of this condition but will be fixed before she is adopted out. If interested in fostering or adopting this beautiful girl, please fill out the appropriate form linked below. Adoptions will not be finalized until she is medically cleared. Momma and Baby WILL NOT be adopted together.  Her adoption fee is $350.


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