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German Shepherd Dog
Coat length:
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Adoption fee $300

Nya is full of love and ready to give it to her new forever home. She came from a kill shelter in Alabama and has a new shot at life. She loves to play fetch and lay next to her owner in bed. If you lean your head too close, you’ll get covered in kisses. She is an incredibly special dog, and you will be lucky to have her in your life!
What makes your foster delightful/special?             
Nya is outrageously loving. She doesn’t 100% know how to kiss properly, so you end up getting some extra love. She will randomly in the middle of the night give me kisses and loves to eat.
 Cute things your foster does that could be endearing?
Nya has a personality point that would make people want to meet her.  She loves to play fetch with all kinds of toys, balls, or anything you will throw for her.  Expect to play from first thing in the morning, to when you go to bed.
What kinds of routines and activities does your foster like most?    
I wake up at sunrise every morning and take her for a walk. She loves to be outside, as well as car rides (especially pup cups from Starbucks). She is great on a leash, but she does love to smell. She needs redirection every now and then.
What help or special needs does your foster require?          
Nya came to me quite malnourished, and her coat was falling out in some places. She is protective of her home, and dogs she hasn’t met before may be a threat to her. She has not tried to bite other dogs, but she does growl and bark. She requires a little more food as she’s trying to gain the weight back. I would recommend at least a walk a day as she’s also gaining strength back from being in a crate. I personally wet her food due to her k-9’s are gnawed down from being in a crate.
 Nya is fine with her foster sibling golden retriever, however unknown dogs she’s unsure of and will bark or growl.  We believe simple behavior training will make her respond appropriately.
 How is she when she meets new people?         
Nya is a little unsure of new people the first few seconds, but once she sees you are there to give nothing but love, she is all about it. Especially if you throw her ball.
With known people?  
She’s great and oh so loving.
Describe THE ideal home for your foster?     
Nya would do best in a quiet, calm home full of love. Dog door would be a plus (she learned mine on the 1st day), with her having heartworms it's important for her to not get too amped up.     

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