Monopoly: Community Chest   

In shelter Dog

Romoland, California, 92585
German Shepherd Dog, Mixed
Red, Golden, Orange, Chestnut with Black
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Monopoly: Community Chest
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All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, shots current (DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies where applicable), dewormed, flea and tick treated and microchipped.  * If you are interested in a dog, please first read the biography on the dog (keep scrolling down for the bio!) and then go to our website, for an application. Our adoption fee is $400-$1000. Each biography will specifically list the adoption fee.This dog will be at a meet and greet event on Saturday, July 10th. The event is from 12 pm to 3 pm at Palo Alto’s Pet Food Express. Those interested in meeting the dog can come out to the event to see them! Unless they have been set up with a pre-approved family, they will not be adopted at the event. It is only a meet-and-greet event.   Adoption Fee: $700 Boardwalk, Community Chest and Free Parking are 15 week old German Shepherd mix puppies. There were 11 puppies in the litter. They currently weigh between 10-15 pounds each. They will likely be medium-to-largish dogs when they're full grown. Mom is 37lbs. Dad is unknown. He was a wander/wonder dog. He wandered in and we wonder who he was...Mom and puppies were rescued from Mexico where we work with a wonderful organization that rescues the abandoned, abused and neglected. We then partner together to find them the most amazing homes..   All of the puppies eat three meals a day and share the same bowl. When given their own bowl, they have just preferred to share one. They have breakfast around 7am, lunch at noon, and dinner at 7pm. They LOVE food and devour every last piece of kibble.       As far as crate training goes, they do not sleep or spend time in their crate during the day. The time that they have spent in a crate has gone well. They honestly are pretty easy going and didn’t mind being in it too much. They also make little to no noice. During the day when they are not in the house or outside being watched, they are kept in a play pen all together. The play pen is 4ft tall; as the pups can all climb or jump out of anything shorter.       Potty training is going pretty well considering their size and age. When taken outside, they go potty almost immediately and have been using their potty pads more than 75% of the time.       Vocally, these pups don’t have a lot to say. They truly only will bark at each other or once or twice when they get super excited!       They all LOVE humans and if they could be around humans all day they would! They haven’t met someone whom they didn’t instantly love. These three can not wait to be in the house or outside with their person/people all day. If they’re not playing, they are in their fosters arms getting snuggled and giving love back.       All three dogs have been introduced to their fosters homes three dogs; which includes 115 pounds, 35 pounds, and 7. All three get along with an love to play with any dog that will give them attention/affection.       Boardwalk-   Boardwalk is a confident, adventurous, and adorable girl. She is busy and loves to play, pounce, jump, run and explore. BW is a social butterfly, loving every person she meets. She enjoys life to the fullest and lets you know she’s happy and how much she loves you with plenty of kisses. BW is the biggest in height, weight, and in fluffiness. BW is the most explorative out of the three. When it comes to exploring or trying new things, BW is the first to jump and try a new adventure. When we say jump, we mean jump/pounce. She loves to jump around in circles when she’s excited or play chase/fetch by leaping. Although BW doesn’t stay long for snuggles, she always tries to give you most kisses she can while you’ll let her. If you are looking for a four legged adventure buddy, BW might just be the one for you! She is the most food motivated, play with her rope toys, lay by you, play with her siblings, and of course, explore.           Community Chest-   Community Chest (CC) is the silliest, most playful, but also independent. When CC is out by herself, her personality truly shines. She is very sweet, spunky, and smart. She loves to be the center of the love, play with dog toys or learn new tricks. When playing with her siblings, CC loves to play freeze tag. This means that she will stop mid chase and freeze until she is able to sneak up and “attack” her sibling. CC is the first to run away from trouble. She doesn’t like to be anywhere near something that could get her in trouble. She also is the first to go find a new toy to play with by herself in shade. She loves to lay on her back and get out so of her scratches by rolling around in the grass. CC also loves to get out her zoomies by running around in circles until she trips herself! CC can’t wait to find her new home!       Free parking-   Free Parking (FP) is the smallest, cuddliest, and the follower. When it comes to cuddles, FP will stay and lay with you as long as you’ll let him. He also gives the most kisses! FP loves his people. Whether you’re going inside, into another room, to clean out the playpen, or to lay down; FP will be right behind you. He only seems to be into toys when one of his siblings finds it first and loves to follow his siblings when it comes to exploring. When it comes to play though, FP doesn’t let his smaller size deter him from initiating and continuing play. Potty training with FP has been the easiest out of the three since he’s the first to go as soon as his feet are on the grass outside. He also tends to stay behind if he can see the person who’s with him starting to go inside, so he can quickly get out all of his business. The only other thing FP needs to work on is ankle biting. He doesn’t do it to hurt you, but rather to get attention and play since he always seems to be right next to or in between your feet! He truly is such a sweet boy and can’t wait to find a home to impress with his cuddles and kisses.           We will only consider a home that has had a dog in the last three years. We believe our puppies need the homes with the most experience. This requirement is not met by fostering/pet sitting, roommate's pets, or having a family pet while growing up that remained at home. We will consider households with children who are over the age of 8 years.


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