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Annie 066O   

In shelter Dog

Bullard, Smith County, Texas, United ...
Pet name:
Annie 066O
Great Dane
North Little Rock, Arkansas.Meet Annie! She’s 5 years old and looking for a new home. Annie is a great dog. She walks well on a leash, but will pull if there are other dogs present. (She needs some work on that.) She does not jump on people but will warn with low barks when guests she isn’t familiar with enter her home. She is very smart and knows how to sit, stay, and will tell me when she needs to go outside for potty. She is used to being around cats and other dogs and is socialized. She’s even spent some time with chickens! She does have hip dysplasia on both legs. We have tried a corrective surgery on one leg, but it didn’t improve her gait so we (the vet and my family) decided not to put her through another surgery. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by it too much. She just looks a little funny with her bowed legs. She has a little trouble getting into cars/trucks with higher clearance, especially after exerting energy at the dog park. I’ve been trying to get some type of ramp built. She is spayed and has had a gastroplexy. Heart worm meds monthly, flea and tick meds during warmer months, and yearly vaccinations and vet visits. She weighs approximately 110lbs. Annie is a wonderful girl and can’t wait to meet her new family!For more information, please email us at  For an application to foster or adopt, please go to and fill out an app.  Thank you so much, we look forward to helping you.