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Sophie in OH - Let's Play!   

In shelter Dog

Beacon, New York, 12508
Pet name:
Sophie in OH - Let's Play!
Great Pyrenees
Coat length:
Sophie is a show-stopping, beautiful girl with pure white, gorgeous fur and an adorable face. She is very affectionate. She is also very energetic and loves to play. She is crate-trained and doesn't complain about spending time there. Sophie will sit (after due consideration) for the right treats and give you the Pyr paw (shake) since it's the polite thing to do. Sophie loves her walks and play time with squeaky toys. Having a young playful male dog would be ideal for her and would help her burn off excess energy. Sophie has had a tough start, so her adopter will have to be willing to continue her training. She can be very stubborn, she engages in resource guarding (food especially) and she will jump up to play without being invited, including on walks (this last behavior can be resolved with a firm "No!" however). She also has some degree of separation anxiety but willingly goes into her crate. Sophie will be an immensely rewarding pet for the right person or people—experienced Pyr owners who are willing to work with her. There should be no children or cats in Sophie's new home, but a young male Pyr or similarly sized dog would be ideal. Please help Sophie be the best dog she can be!

NGPR Pooch Profile 

Name: Sophie in OH

Age: 4 yrs 7 mos. old as of Feb 2021

Dew Claws: Yes, double

Estimated Adult Weight: 90 lbs.

Current Location: NGPR approved boarding in Williamsburg, OH

Medical:  Spayed, dewormed, negative for heartworm, up-to-date on vaccinations and currently on flea, tick and heartworm preventative.

Housebroken: Yes

Can be Placed With: Pyr-savvy adults (no kids), another male dog, no cats

Fencing: Secure VISIBLE fencing is required; invisible fencing WILL NOT contain this breed.

Fees: Adoption Fee $325 - $550 depending on age and location; transport included.

NYS Registered Rescue # RR102

Our goal is to assess every application on its own merits. Key considerations are: 1) the experience of the applicant with large breed dogs 2) children in the household or regularly visiting the household are ready for a large-breed dog who is a  guardian by nature  and 3) the sex of other dogs currently residing in the household to avoid same-sex aggression issues. For puppies under six months old, the applicant’s ability to socialize the puppy with older dogs is a priority. 

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