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In shelter Dog

Garland, Bowie County, Texas, United ...
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Great Pyrenees
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Meet Marley!  This calm, beautiful girl was born around December 2014.  This brief video shows how loving and affectionate she is.

When we got her from the shelter, Marley was terrified of everything.  She cowered away from people and tried to hide under furniture.  After several months of tender loving care from her foster family, she has transformed into her true loving, affectionate, confident self.

Once fearful of riding in a car, watch how she now lays calmly watching things go by.

Marley loves people.  She adores having her face and booty scratched.  She warms up to visitors who come to the house; first she goes to her crate for safety, and eventually comes out.  She has not been kid tested, but for now, children in the home should be old enough to know that they cannot startle her or pull her tail.

Marley will learn your schedule very well.  At bedtime, she sleeps on her bed in your room along with the rest of the dog pack.  She sweetly wakes you up with kisses and demands for attention.

She gets super excited and jumps all over the place when she knows she’s about to go on a walk in the neighborhood!  Once you get going, she steps politely into place right alongside you.

Her forever human needs to be a benevolent alpha leader, otherwise her past street survival skills will take over and she will rule the house.  She would likely be okay as an only dog if she can spend lots of time with her people.  If she has a doggie friend in her forever home, the dog should be easy-tempered and docile, otherwise they will likely clash.

Marley does not tolerate the slightest hint of bad manners or disrespect from other dogs.  She even takes offense if a dog accidentally wags their tail in her face or growls during introductions.  Any new dogs should be introduced properly to avoid her possible overreaction.

Marley likes having an open-door crate that she can use as needed.  She does not sleep in it at night, but takes turns with the other dogs resting in it throughout the day.

Along with being leash trained, she is house trained and doggie-door trained.  She is scared of thunderstorms, so she could use extra love and hugs during stormy days.

She loves to roam the neighborhood, so she needs a tall wooden fence to prevent her from going on her own walkabout.  And she’s a door-dasher!  You’ll have to be careful when opening the front door, otherwise, she’ll dash out to go exploring by herself!

Marley loves being outside in the backyard.   She takes her toys out with her while she enjoys the sunlight and fresh air.

If you want to spoil her a bit, she loves having yummy vegetables, eggs, and rice in her kibble!

Marley is very sweet and loving to humans who make her feel safe.  She will be a wonderful addition to the right family.

SPIN Pyrs are all in foster homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Potential adopters are asked to make travel arrangements if they live elsewhere. All SPIN dogs are spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations and on heartworm prevention. Please go to our website and fill out an application for this great Great Pyrenees!