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Garland, Bowie County, Texas, United ...
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Great Pyrenees
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    1) PUPPIES WILL ONLY BE PLACED IN HOMES WITH YOUTHFUL, PLAYFUL, DOGS. This helps integrate the dog into your household easier by giving the pup a mentor.
     2) In addition to the youthful playful dog, someone MUST also be home at least part of the day.  Please do not apply for a puppy if you are gone 8-10 hours a day. It is not a good situation for you or the puppy.
     3) You must have plans in place to socialize your puppy properly.
     4) Our puppies are not livestock dogs.  They must be family pets that are allowed inside the home.

Please watch this short video which demonstrates how puppies learn polite behavior from their adult dog mentors.

Meet Jadzia!  She is a puddle puppy!  She loves to jump around in puddles after it rains, and look how beautifully she cleans up!  She's gorgeous!

Named after Jadzia Dax from Star Trek Deep Space 9, our pup was already a whopping 75 pounds at 7-8 months old!  Born around October 2020, her adult weight will likely be around 100 pounds. She's a big girl!

Jadzia is a little shy and reserved when meeting new people, and is working on building her confidence.  After she knows you, she is very loving and submissive.

She has had limited exposure to children during foster care, but we have seen her be great with kids.  Found as a stray, she was lured into rescue with cookies and the presence of a toddler.

Jadzia loves playing with her furry foster siblings, and gets along with dogs of all sizes.  She is very friendly and excited with them.  She is submissive and will lick them in the mouth, sometimes too much.  She can be a little too curious and nosy with small dogs.

She must have a large, playful doggy companion in her forever home.  If you don’t already have one of those, adopt a buddy for her from us!

She is nice to cats and gets a little nervous of the more outgoing ones.

Jadzia has a silly side.  When playing with other dogs, she likes to get the zoomies, running around the yard at lightning speed!

She loves toys and can never have enough of them!  She is happy to run around with them in her mouth or share them with her friends.

Baby Jadzia is house trained, crate trained, and leash trained.  She isn’t much of a barker.  She rides quietly in a car.

Sweet Jadzia is going to be a great addition to someone's family.

SPIN Pyrs are all in foster homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Potential adopters are asked to make travel arrangements if they live elsewhere. All SPIN dogs are spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations and on heartworm prevention. Please go to our website and fill out an application for this great Great Pyrenees!


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