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Pet name:
Hound, German Shepherd Dog, Mixed
Brown, Chocolate with Tan
Click my picture for more info. on me!Let’s get Margo her forever home!!


THIS GIRL IS ALL ABOUT HER PEOPLE!!! But she is not a social butterfly. She likes her tight knit group. It takes her about 3 days before your in, but once you are in you are TOTALLY IN. Talk about loyal, goofy, snuggly, playful. She is all that and a bag of chips. She is not interested in walks around the neighborhood, she would much rather chill in her yard house with her people and her four legged siblings! She gets along great with other dogs and cats who are dog savvy. 


The thing about Margo is...  your are going to have to take our word for it on her personality, because she will be afraid of you for the first few days, cowering in her crate and snapping at you. You see, it's not her fault though. Sadly, she spent her first 9 months of life one an unfenced piece of property with her siblings and no interaction with people except her one human. THEN, she got pregnant. Yea, one of those teenage pregnancies and spent the next three months in a foster home caring for and protecting her 12 puppies. Yes, 12! Her foster mom proved she was a trustworthy person, and Margo let her be with her and her puppies during birthing and while raising her puppies, but no one else was allowed near.


After her puppies were weaned Margo moved to another foster so she could get back to being a young playful dog and not have to split attention with her puppies. It took about 3 days for her to warm up to her new foster mom, but... you guessed it, her foster mom is now IN her tight knit group. Her new foster mom takes her to work, and Margo has added other humans to her IN group.


So what is Margo like when you are part of her IN group. Well she went back to her original foster and they jumped right back into their trusting relationship like no time has passed at all. Margo wanted to snuggle (she loves being physically close). She'll lay at your feet when you are at your desk. She loves to toss around her stuffy toys and play in the yard with other dogs. She is a medium/low energy dog, who is good at just chillin too. She is smart as a whip and loyal (the German Shepherd in her) and so kind. But she does ask if you invite people over who are not part of her tight knit group that you would let her stay in a back bedroom with her dog friends so she doesn't feel too afraid.


Do you want a loyal BFF, who is full of personality and lives to make you laugh and lick your tears when you are sad? Then Margo is your girl and she needs you too.


Reach out to talk to us about Margo if her story has touched your heart.


If you are interested in Margo please fill out an application at


Due to COVID-19, we are not able to facilitate meet and greets until a family is approved and then only at the foster family’s discretion. At this time, Margo will not be at dog adoptions at Petsmart. 


**Applications can take anywhere from 5-7 business days to complete. When filling out an application, please scroll down after submitting it to be sure that the website accepted it and check for a confirmation email to be sure that your application went through. We respond by email, so please check your spam and trash folders.**


We are located in Fayette County, GA and are a foster based rescue without a shelter building.

-Fayette Humane Society Dog Adoptions

Estimated DOB: 12/01/2019

Adoption fee: $200

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