In shelter Dog

Sanford, Seminole County, Florida, Un...
Hound, Terrier, Mixed
White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
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Kitten is a darling, sweet, gentle, affectionate, and beautiful girl. If you are looking for an adoring, loyal and loving companion who will cuddle with you- but still go on adventures like hikes and car rides, look no further than Precious Kitten. She will gift you with total doggie devotion- she just needs a little patient help so she can learn to tolerate scary noises and build trust. Patient owners, who give Kitten time to blossom in a quiet home, will be well rewarded with a truly fabulous pet.  DOG 4 A DAY UPDATE:We took Kitten out twice and can tell potential adopters that she will make a great addition to any family. She is easy to walk, house trained and was so calm during car rides. We took her to the waterfront for a long walk and to relax at our home. At home, she was very gentle and curious about everything, but only played with dog toys. She does jump when she hears loud noises-like the garage door- but, I think with time she will get used to all the usual noises in a home.  Foster write up 3/21/21: Kitten has been with us for ten weeks. We knew that she was shy when we first brought her home, but it appeared that she was scared of everything and anything, for example when she was eating and the bowl moved a little bit, she got frozen and then escaped hiding under my desk, which was her favorite place during the day. Finally, she connected with me. I worked with her to make her more open, I organized different games for her. She loved puzzle toys with food inside, She worked very hard to get food, and she remembered how to do it. She likes to be busy. She runs beautifully in the backyard since she loves being outside she does have some trouble coming back in. The best home for her would be a patient loving woman who Kitten can love and call her own.     Kitten is a sweet girl she loves to get lots of love. She is shy at first but once she warms up she will love you. Kitten is very selective on the dogs she does like. Kitten was found as a stray trapped inside the fencing of a retention pond. She is a sweet dog, who gravitates towards women, slowly warms up to men. A quiet home with owners who will maintain balance and give her lots of love. She is picky about her canine friends here at the center, so we think she'd prefer to be the only dog in the home. A fenced backyard is required for her to safely romp and play in.  


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