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Pet name:
Jack Russell Terrier, Mixed
Tricolor (Tan, Brown & Black & White)
Coat length:
Incredibaly Smart!Roxy was born about May 6, 2018 and weighs about 30 lbs.  She pretty much looks like a large Jack Russell, but we are just guessing at her breed.  She came to us from a home with three little kids so little time for Roxy.  Roxy has nice energy and needs a person who will give her that release by walks, toy tossing or another dog to play with.  Roxy has a TON of personality and she needs her new humans to be smarter than she is.  I've learned that some dogs are so very smart that they are labeled as bad dogs which is what Roxy was labeled when she came here - there was the UPS driver when she was on the electric fence...yes, it's true that some humans have an e fence for their dogs that INCLUDE the driveway - not been able to figure  that one out.  So, going forward she either needs a rural environment or a physical fence and an adult only home will be best and when there are guests she should be crated or closed in a room when the guests enter.  Once the excitement is over she should be fine with everyone - she adores humans!  In the evening she is a major lap dog and soaks up the love.  She lays among all the other dogs at the main site and all is good.  She would run from her owners when they wanted to pick her up and just a bit ago I tried that and she did back away, so easy, peasy, I looped a leash, put it around her neck and drew her to me - no problem.  We are SO thankful she came here as she would not have done well in a traditional shelter.  Again, we need humans that are smarter than she is and will enjoy/nourish the intelligence, the comedy, the energy, of this 30 pounds of ZEST for life! The Adoption Fee for this dog is $300.00.
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