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Labrador Retriever
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Lena is part of a bonded pair of exemplary “ambassadogs” for Labradors. She is the "happy-go-lucky" little sister. In the past 18 months, Lena and her family have lost two Lab "siblings" and their human dad; their mom loves Lena and Gabe so much that she wants to place them with a family who will continue giving them the loving care, attention, playtime, and space to run they deserve and are accustomed to.
Lena currently lives with a toddler and a cat (plus her people and Gabe) and has spent time with grandchildren of all ages. She's playful and inquisitive and can entertain herself with a toy; she also likes to snuggle. Lena would love to have a yard to play in and explore with Gabe. She is trained to an electric fence and abides by the flags, and also abides by baby gates and physical fences, too.
Lena is curious when she sees people and other dogs when she’s out walking on leash, but she's more interested in sniffing (and sampling the sticks) along the way. Lena will play fetch; that is, she will fetch a ball or toy, but then play "keep away" with it instead of releasing it. She will trade the toy for a treat (she and Gabe love apples, carrots, and bananas). Lena occasionally gets into mischief if there are paper products within reach; she has been known to steal (and shred) tissues, paper napkins, and paper towels. As such, her adopter should keep these items out of tempting reach (and secure all trash bins).
Lena is not a fan of car rides: she gets stressed and pants the entire time (but doesn't get sick). She gets a little nervous (anxious/timid) at the vet and the groomer, but responds well to gentle, calm handling. Lena usually follows Gabe's lead: if he's okay, she's okay.
Lena has a lipoma on her flank and a mammary skin tag (both checked by a vet and deemed harmless). Lena is in excellent health and, with continued care and clean diet, she will (hopefully) have many more years of good living ahead.
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