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Sedalia, Colorado, 80135
Labrador Retriever, Mixed
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We have been getting to know Delaney and she is starting to open up. Delaney is an extremely affectionate and happy girl. She is happiest around her people and loves giving kisses, snuggling on the couch, and going for walks. She walks well on leash and loves being in the sunshine.  Kennel training is going well, although she is pretty vocal when she gets in, she settles down and sleeps soundly.  She loves napping on the couch and really zonks out - a champion snorer!  She loves going for car rides, jumps right in, and looks out the window wagging her tail.  She is food motivated making her easy to train. She knows sit, lay down, and is doing well with stay.  She is very gentle at taking treats and loves having bones to chew on. She seems to feel most comfortable with her person nearby and will follow you from room to room. She is a pro at the stairs and getting better at using the dog door. No accidents inside - a polite potty trained mama.   We haven't seen any negative behavior and only have to comfort her a little when she is unsure and cries.  Overall, she is a very lovely, sweet, girl best in a home without other animals.Even before she was pregnant, she struggled to find enough food. Her tummy was always rumbling and none of this changed after she gave birth. She struggled for weeks to keep her baby's tummies full when she could hardly feed herself, but she carried on. She had no choice. Her ribs became exposed and she could start to feel her spine rub together as she curled up around her pups to keep them warm. Finally, someone came to help this family, sort of. They were all taken to a high-kill shelter and while they are safe for the meantime, it wasn't be long before all changed. So, 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue stepped in with the help of a local partner to have this family brought to Coloarado to find their forever homes.  Approved Applicants may make the adoption fee payment by clicking donate above.  Partial adoption fees will not hold a dog. Dogs adopted with our rescue come with FREE training from #GoodPup to help you build strong bonds from the start! If upon meeting the dog of your choosing at an adoption event you find that you aren't a good match, your deposit will be refunded minus a 10% administration fee. Adoption fees include vaccines up until time of adoption, microchip, spay/neuter and 1st 30 days of free Pet insurance.  We are not affiliated with Pet First pet insurance. (you have to sign up for the insurance or it will not go into effect).   Adopters can go to our vet for medical issues that may arise in 1st 3 days of adoption.    The dogs in our care are fostered in Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico.  While all dogs are picked up during our scheduled times, sometimes transport dates change due to unforeseen circumstances.  


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