Guacamole Tex-Mex *LOCAL*   

In shelter Dog

South Kingstown, Rhode Island, 02879
Labrador Retriever, Shepherd, Mixed
Black with White
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Guacamole Tex-Mex *LOCAL*
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Age: 6-7 Months (as of 5/15/21) Weight: 44 lbs (as of 5/15/21) Location: RI    This dog has been spayed/neutered, is up to date on shots, on heartworm preventative and is microchipped. Who's ready to fiesta with Guacamole Tex-Mex?!   We think this lovable slender girl is a shepherd/lab mix with possibly some hound in her. We are expecting her to be a lean 50-60lbs when fully grown. Guac has been in foster care since birth, and has been exposed to all kinds of things including young children, other dogs large and small, and all kinds of strangers.  She is interested in everyone she meets, and maybe a little too interested in cats and small animals, so none of those for her in her new home, please!  G uac is affectionate, intelligent, even-tempered, alert and eager to please.  She still has her moments of being an exuberant puppy, so very small/unstable children may not appreciate her love.  With a pocket full of training treats, she is a blast to work with.  Her  h ouse training skills are solid and she is completely crate trained. Guac's  f avorite activities include meeting new people (she is a social, though sometimes exuberant, butterfly), cuddling, running around/chasing/wrestling with other dogs, and exploring new places.     She is at the higher end of the activity spectrum , so having her days regularly mixed with brain games, socialization exercises and excursions, and physical activity will help keep her satisfied and ful f illed.  She would be fabulous at dog sports, as she is very agile and smart as a whip!  We believe she  would do well in many different household configurations, as long as HER needs are met.  Right now she is getting lots of daily exercise and exposure, and she is thriving.  While Guac is not high maintenance, she has her own individual needs and wants; whoever adopts her should want/be committed to being active and engaged with her on a daily basis in new and exciting ways.   Guac is ready and waiting for her adventure buddy.  Could that be you?    If you are interested adopting this sweet little lady, who is just BARELY short of perfect, please fill out an adoption application today!   Medical Note:  In early March, Guac started limping on her right back leg. She wasn't painful, but xrays showed that she had a fracture on the head of her femur.  Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) surgery was completed on 3/5/20 by a general practitioner vet, and her recovery is going very nicely.  Her exercise has been gradually increased over time, and her muscle mass is rebuilding nicely.  She is fully weight bearing, and once fully recovered from this surgery (about 8-12 months), she's expected to be able to lead a full, active companion pet life and no further surgery or medical intervention is expected to be necessary for this injury.  Daily exercise (both cardio and muscle tone exercises) and in-home massage and stretching is recommended for at least the next few months to help her regain as much range of motion and muscle as possible. Here is a link for more information on this type of surgery.  As a dog ages, natural wear and tear on the joints can be expected. Dogs like Guac who have a history of orthopedic issues/injuries are no different, and are potentially at a greater risk of developing arthritis and/or new or related injuries as they age and go through life.  A daily joint supplement is recommended for life for Guac. Please check with your vet if you should have any questions or concerns about this condition, and discuss any concerns you may have with your SOS Adoption Counselor.     Adoption Fee: $585   To apply for this dog, fill out an adoption application on our website: **Additional info you should know - For most of our dogs, we are only guessing at predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each of our dogs as an individual and do our best to describe and place them based on personality not breed label. Some dogs may not yet be in New England, nor ready for immediate adoption. There may be additional vetting, quarantine, waiting periods and/or fees depending upon your state of residence. If you have questions or concerns on any of this, you can discuss this with your Adoption Counselor.


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