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In shelter Cat

Absecon, New Jersey, 08201
Pet name:
Maine Coon, Domestic Medium Hair, Mixed
Small, spayed female tortieWho's looking for an attentive, sweet lap cat? Please meet lovely Coleman. And don't judge her by her unfortunate haircut! (She didn't pick it). Once her fur grows back, she will again resemble a lovely tortoise shell color cat with a fluffy tail. On the small side, Coleman makes up for it with her big personality. This senior lady joined us all the way from North Carolina, thanks to multi-state cat rescue efforts. Sadly poor Coleman lost her previous person due to a heart attack and the surviving family was not able to take in Coleman.

In her previous home, Coleman reportedly lived happily with 15 other cats and various dogs. Thus far, her demeanor seems friendly and gentle with everyone (she's still in a precautionary quarantine so I haven't shown her my cats yet; but I've detected no signs of hissing or hostility when she senses them outside her door). She was clearly closely attached to her former people and loves sitting on laps, getting pets, and following you around the house. I would recommend Coleman to a person/family who wants a social cat who demands - in an adorable insistent meow - lots of your time and attention. Coleman should be fine with people of genders and/or children, provided they can be gentle with cats.

Any family considering Coleman should be aware that she does come with some medical conditions, not uncommon given her age. Coleman is in the early stages of kidney disease. As she is active now and happy, this condition should simply be monitored with your local vet with annual/biannual blood work. A prescription food is available for this condition. Coleman currently mostly refuses to eat it, but we are trying different flavors and mixing it with other foods. As Coleman came to us underweight, our vet has stressed, it is most important that she eat, whatever the food. She seems very partial to wet food, especially right now sea food and fish flavors. On the more minor level, Coleman came to us with a urinary infection and ear infection (the latter may have been in response to allergies), both of which we are treating, and should be resolved in a few weeks. She also has a recommended joint supplement that is sprinkled onto her wet food.



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