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Melbourne, Brevard County, Florida, U...
Maine Coon, Mixed
White (Mostly)
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Patches was on the street and brought to animal control as a stray. She had mange (aka skin mites -- which was VERY easily treated). Her fur just had to grow back in. She was already fixed (eartipped).Patches gets along with laid back male cats.  Dogs would need a proper intro...we have not had her in a foster area with dogs. The original photo you see is her "intake" at the county shelter. The globs on her ears are the result of the skin mites, and all that fur fell out. Her neck and legs also had these clumps, and as of Sept 25 2019, she had bald patches from her skin regenerating and the fur falling out.We knew when this fur grew back, she would be STUNNING - and she is!Her eyes are a luminous golden color.. you can see that in the photo. We had to look past the lumpy fur.... She is a medium-hair and has the classic leonine nose of a Maine Coon, plus those cute little tufts of fur in the ears.After her fur started coming back, Patches got bumps on her face and ears, and the vet determined she has a food allergy. Right now she is eating Iams kibble and that seems to agree with her. We also give her a canned Friskies treat every evening, along with some hairball gel. She has very thick fur now! We sent Patches to an eye specialist because her eyes kept flaring up with tears and getting "goopy". She has a mild entropian condition in both eyes, so we had a Gofundme set up to raise the funds for this surgery. It was done March 31, 2020, and was successful.Patches was able to get her cone off the first night after surgery and rubbed at her right eye. We secured the cone with a collar and it has stayed on since. So we noticed her right eye stayed puffy and took her back on April 9 for a re-check, they prescribed a mild antibiotic for the irritation, and said she is healing very well and her stitches are starting to dissolve. They said she should be fine and discharged her, so no more trips to the specialist!We have noticed Patches is a little timid with new folks. So if you apply and set up a meet-and-greet, please keep that in mind. Her right eye occasionally tears up, still.If you are interested in adopting, please go to and click on the Adoption Policy menu, from there you will find the online application link. Contact Mona at


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