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Chuna a Corgi-Parson Russell mix   

In shelter Dog

Arlington, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Coun...
Pet name:
Chuna a Corgi-Parson Russell mix
Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Parson Russell Terrier, Mixed
Brown, Chocolate with White
Coat length:

is a sweet 6-year-old Parson Russell-Corgi mix girl who is has been returned to the rescue because the Pandemic has set her family on hard times.      Chuna is a quiet, loving, kissy cuddler. The ultimate lapdog who likes to sleep with her humans at nite, she follows her foster around the house taking advantage of slow times to ask for a hug and cuddle. Chuna is very intuitive and likes to be close. She would be awesome for an older child that really connects with animals, or a stay-at-home worker or mom. 

Chuna is trained to use a doggie door and washable pee pads if left inside for long periods. She will need to learn a new routine with her adopters, so we will give you links on housetraining/potty training your new rescue dog.

Chuna only weighs ten pounds, she has a very soft medium-length coat that is easy to care for with a little brushing every day. She loves to lie in the sun on the lawn in the yard and she seems to like car rides.  Chuna is leash trained and lives for her daily walks.

Chuna is spayed/chipped, up to date on vaccines, Rabies. She is soft, cuddly, attentive, loyal, and very loving.

Chuna has been transitioned to a human-grade diet that avoids kibble in place of a healthy canine-specific feeding regimen. We will educate her adopters on proper diet and nutrition for her and her new buddies.

To apply to adopt Cookie, Please apply online here: 


All monies will be recycled to cover medical care and rescue more dogs.