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Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Coat length:
Friends to the Forlorn
Adopt-a-BullBreed: Pit Bull Gender: Female Estimated Date of Birth: February 28, 2016 Size:  45 lbs Location:  Dallas, GA
Rubia came into Fulton County as a very pregnant stray. She gave birth the very next day to 10 puppies and to make matters worse, she was extremely protective of the pups. Unfortunately, between Rubia's terrible condition, the lack of milk production, and the shelter environment, 8 of the 10 pups passed away. Rubia then lashed out and bit a kennel worker that was cleaning her run. Rubia and her 2 remaining pups were extremely sick and we were lucky enough to have a foster step up for their tiny family. After being seen by our vet, we had to pull the surviving pups from Rubia in order to bottle feed them as there was no way they would have survived if we didn't. Rubia has an advanced case of heartworm disease and her chest was filled with fluid. It will be a long road to recovery for Rubia and her babies. Sadly, neither of Rubia's two remaining pups pulled through.
Rubia is happy to be out of the county shelter and is still a little skeptical of new people, but she is not lashing out at anyone. Now that she is away from her pups and she is having good human experiences, Rubia is actually quite happy and accepting of new people. She is full of tail wags and love. The fluid swelling up in her chest has gone down completely and Rubia's true personality is coming out even more. Rubia is cautious with strangers, but quickly learns to trust. She is in heart failure, but her heartworms have been treated and she is doing extremely well. Dogs can lives for years with bad hearts and she's on medication to help. Rubia is crate trained and housebroken (she's never had an accident). She's a happy girl and is very loving and grateful to be out of the pound. She's an expert at dramatically throwing herself on the floor for belly rubs! She appears to be good with other dogs and kisses the dogs through their crates. Rubia needs a foster or an adopter to complete her rescue journey.
Photo Album of Rubia:
Our adoption fee is $300. All dogs are current on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, on heartworm prevention, and are fed top of the line grain-free