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Pet name:
Pomeranian, Mixed
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with White
Coat length:
Hi there! My name is Lexi! I'm a Pomeranian mix around 2 years old. Are you looking for an adorable, sweet, silly, special needs girl in a small package?  If so, I might be the one for you! At some point in life either at birth or an injury when I was younger, I sustained a broken spine.  Now, looking at me, it's hard to tell as I walk and jump and play like any other dog.  However, according to my last vet visit, it's not likely my old injury is repairable.  As a result, there are some things I can't do like other dogs such as sit or squat which impacts my control of my bladder and booty.  So, I'm looking for a family that is willing to love me as I am and provide me the care I need which really shouldn't be too hard as there are so many things I can provide you in return.  I love to snuggle, give kisses and play with you and my toys.  I'll provide you free entertainment if you watch me play.  I love to play ball, chew bones and squeak toys.  I enjoy the company of my people and the other dogs in my foster home.  However, I sometimes show resource guarding around the dogs, not the people, but we're working on that! I am crate trained and sleep in there quietly at night or when my foster family is at work.  Overall I'm pretty quiet unless I feel left out, but I settle down fast if you ask me to.  I ride in my crate in the car well and only whine at first then I settle in.  I am a good eater and very treat motivated, maybe too good of an eater in the past as the vet says I should lose a little bit of weight, which we're also working on.  My treat motivated self loves to do tricks, but since I can't sit, my favorite is "spin!".  I can go up and down stairs and jump on and off furniture without any issues.  Although the vet said I should limit my running, jumping and playing, but good luck slowing me down!  I'm young and wild and free!  I love to be outside!  I run and play in the fenced yard and just hang out there.  My foster family doesn't have any cats or kids, so I'm not sure if I like those or not, but I do like to go to the fence outside and bark at the neighbor kid when he plays. I do well on my leash and enjoy walks.  So, what do I need from you? I have some control over my bladder and booty and can hold it and know when I need to go. I can go potty outside but since I can't squat like a normal dog, I just stand there so it can be hard to tell I'm going.  If I'm excited or if I haven't gone potty in a while or if I'm sleeping sometimes I might go potty.  So, I have these cute little diapers that are washable that I willingly wear without any issue, just to ensure I don't make a mess in the house or my crate.  It's not often that I go in my diaper and usually it's just tinkle.  My diapers are very affordable and easy to clean.  So, if you're willing to wash my diapers and love me as I am, I will give you all the silly antics, kisses and snuggles you can handle!  I know even with my special needs, my perfect family is out there!  

Adoption fee includes: Full veterinary exam, alter, prepaid microchip, dewormed, Rabies vaccine, DAPP vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, 4DX , flea/tick and heartworm preventative while in rescue. Adoption fee: $525.00


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