Peneli (Penelope)   

In shelter Dog

Mills, Natrona County, Wyoming, Unite...
Black with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
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Pet name:
Peneli (Penelope)
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Hi Everybody!    My name is Peneli and I’m a smaller sized rottweiler but I’m pretty muscular!!    I came from a shelter in Boise, ID where I didn’t have a very good life and I was picked up by Animal Control there and taken to the shelter.    It was pretty scary and I was really apprehensive about all the people around me.   I just bonded with a very few people and would growl at the others so it was just me and my few peeps I made friends with.   My new friends worked with me and tried to help me understand that not all people are bad.    I’ve gotten better about being around new people and have figured out that most of you humans have awesome treats in your pockets.  My foster mom calls me a little stinker and says I remind her of “Daisy” another foster she had.   Daisy and her new Dad must be really cool because mom talks about them a lot.    I hope when I grow up I can be just like Daisy – she rides in helicopters, and jet boats, sniffs out bombs and does all kinds of cool doggy stuff!   Anyway, my foster mom thinks I would make a great law enforcement dog – I have a good prey drive and am always sniffing and getting into everything.   I’m not destructive, I’m just well ….. I guess you could say I’m nosey!    Mom says because I wasn’t exposed to lots of dogs when I was little I’m now a little reactive to other dogs, especially when I’m out walking.   And, because of that darn prey drive, I don’t like cats and other small animals.    I’m not real comfortable with small children because I know they are just waiting to steal my treats and prized toys!  I would like to have a brother that likes me but he can’t try and take all my toys or I won’t like him.   Mom says I’m a really active little stinker so I definitely need a good fenced yard and a human that will see that I get to have lots of exercise and continue to help me understand what is right and wrong.  What I tell my foster mom I want is a job to do, just like Daisy has.   I think I would be really good at it but know I have a lot to learn.   Because I’m not good about sharing food, toys and all my prized possessions Mom thinks I would thrive in a home with maybe just a couple or a single person who works from home and could spend lots of time with me.   Most of all, Mom wants me to go with a very experienced rottweiler owner who knows my breed characteristics and can understand the type of training I need to live a full and happy life.   I know there is a special person out there for me that fits everything Mom wants for me, we just need to fine them and see how we do together!!


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