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Honey Pie   

In shelter Dog

Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County...
Pet name:
Honey Pie
Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with White
Coat length:
Are you looking for a gorgeous, sweet, with a little sass, athletic, with some silliness thrown in for good measure? Well Honey Pie is your gal and is ready for her forever home. Honey Pie is a Shepherd/Pittie mix and was rescued with her littermates from a reservation shelter with minimal resources in Arizona. She is approximately 11 months old and will be 1 year in August (or so). Honey Pie loves to play with other dogs – she currently lives with a pack of 5 – and just runs around being a silly goofball. She adores hiking and taking walks. Honey Pie would make an excellent road travel companion to go camping and adventuring. She does great in the car although make sure to turn on those window locks as she has learned to step on the "window all the way down button" while her foster mom is driving (needless to say she is a smart doggie as well). Honey Pie is crate trained and likes being in her own space to sleep and chill out. This is not to say she would not be a great snuggler if you so choose to have her sleep in your bed or on a dog bed near you. Her foster mom works from home and Honey Pie will lay right down after play time to take naps on her dog bed in the office during the day.

Honey Pie has a lot of energy and her ideal home would take her on lots of walks, play time, and adventures. She does great with proper introductions to other dogs and would do fine with another dog in the home with a calmer personality. She is more of an in charge kind of gal so would do better being with a dog that doesn’t need to be in that role. That being said, Honey Pie has been in training to help with her excitability and has done excellent being around 50 or so dogs she was introduced to and spent time with. We have been working on eating her meals with other dogs near her as well as doing a sit, stay, and wait with the food put in front of her. On command she dives right in and loves her meals.

Honey Pie does need a strong, calm, and experienced owner(s) to continue working with her training and excitability. She is doing excellent with her Foster Mom and Dad with her training and has recently done a 2 week board and train which her trainer commended how well she did. Honey Pie’s ideal home should not include young children due to her excitement levels but does great with the teen in her current foster home. So teens and older would do just fine with Honey Pie. Honey Pie is still learning to lower her excitement around cats and the farm animals who reside at her Foster home. She is doing well with her training on this interaction and would be ok with a cat in the home but should not be left unsupervised with them without further training. Honey Pie is a real love bug once she feels comfortable with new people and gives lots of doggie kisses. She does need to continue on socialization with new people so she learns to look to you as her guide on who to love on. We can go on and on about Honey Pie but she would rather meet you herself and tell you all about it! So put in your application today on Honey Pie!

If you are interested in adopting, please visit the I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue website and complete an adoption application:

Adoption fee includes: spay/neuter • shots up to date • micro-chip • fecal and vet check


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