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Mochi Mae   

In shelter Dog

Weston, Broward County, Florida, Unit...
Pet name:
Mochi Mae
Shih Tzu
Cuteness galore!  Mochi Mae is a super friendly, happy and sweet little girl. We will never know the exact horrors she endured in her young life, but, upon meeting her, you would never know there were any. Mochi Mae suffered trauma to her lower back and pelvis, which has left her urinary incontinent and partially fecal incontinent. Also, she can’t feel or move her tail (that’s why it’s not wagging in the video.). She is not in any pain now, and can walk, run, and jump without any difficulty. Her upper body is strong and healthy. She has been evaluated by our neurologist, and, although she should not get any worse, there is little chance that she will improve.
          Mochi Mae is an absolutely adorable little Shih Tzu girl, about 6-8 months old, and 7 pounds. She is expected to grow a little, to about 9-10 pounds.  Mochi Mae’s story is a true “rescue”, and it is just beginning. With the right person, there is no reason she can’t live a long and happy life. This person should be an experienced dog owner, with a big heart, who is willing to work with her issues ( frequent washing, diaper, not disturbed by small accidents in the house). Mochi Mae will bring so much fun and joy to her new home, it will be worth going the extra mile for her. If you believe you are willing and able to love and care for Mochi Mae, please put in an application today. Please watch the video at the end of the photos to get a good look at this absolutely awesome pup. Just try not to smile as you watch her showing off her amazing personality and zest for life!