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Tabby, Domestic Short Hair
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gl=document.createElement('script');gl.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(gl);     Find our applications at Adoption Fee $150.00 plus tax and fee.Meet Caicos!   Caicos is shy at first but with time and patience, she warms up. She is good with both dogs and other cats.  Caicos came back to rescue last August severly underweight and with bad diarehea.  It took us quite a few months of trying different medications that didn't work.  One of our rescue friends suggested raw food.  With-in 3 days we had what resembled poo and haven't turned back.  We had a scare with possible diabeties, due to all the medications she was on, but that has been ruled out and she is ready for her new life.Caicos is on a restricted diet and probably should be the Only Cat so that she doesn't try to eat the others food.  She is eating Northwest Naturals, a raw diet.  This cost approx 50 dollars per month.  She does also like a daily treat of Applaws wet food.  Finally she likes Boars Head Mesquite smoked turkey (only way I can eat lunch with out her bugging me)   Her adoption fee covers distemper, rabies, FIV/ Feluek test, microchip and spay.  All which has been completed, and a bonus she does not need rabies and or distemper for almost 3 years (last shot was 3 year shot). Please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION BY clicking on the button below. Thank you!     or     *The pet you are viewing is a rescued pet which is most often from an animal control facility and does not come with a pedigree. The breed(s) listed are our best guess and are in no way guaranteed. Sometimes the pets appear to be a particular breed(s) in the pictures we receive from our rescue partners and when they arrive we are surprised to see an entirely different breed(s) in person!  If you choose to DNA test your adopted pet, test results may vary from company to company and our breed guess may not be reflected in those results as it is just that, our best guess. It is with deep longing that we wish there was a breed called "cute" as we believe all of our dogs would fall under this new breed classification!   // 0; if (!isFosterNeeded) { $("#foster-app-button").hide(); $("#foster-or-span").hide(); } // Hide the "other animal" image size strings.       $.each($("#animalOtherPictures font"), function(index, fontElement) { var children = $(fontElement).children(); $(fontElement).text(""); $(fontElement).append(children); }); }); // ]]> ​   gl=document.createElement('script');gl.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(gl);  


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