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Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tenness...
Tabby, Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby
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Please contact Adoptions ( for more information about this pet.Please fill out the application now if you are interested as we are still closed to the public and doing meet & greets and adoptions by appointment only.  We took 4 kittens from a hoarding situation in Georgia with the help of Perry's Promise. We were supposed to get 10 kittens from the same home, but last minute the owners decided they would not release them all. The kittens we got were filthy, snotty, smelly, and covered in fleas. We know that if we had not gotten them, they likely would not be around today. Ripley was born in January 2021. Ripley, a.k.a. “Ripples”, quickly became a member of the Pet Placement Center Drama Club when she first arrived. Ripley is the smallest out of all the kittens and was the least socialized. Kittens her age must be socialized quickly with people to help them turn into those sweet, lovable little kittens you see in shelters. It is possible that Ripley received the least amount of attention in her previous home and, although staying in a foster home during her vaccinations, she still has a lot of stranger danger to overcome. During her stay in our colony room, Ripley’s personality and comfort level has grown dramatically and the staff makes sure to spend time with her each day to help her overcome her fear of people. Adopting Ripley will be a challenge, but after working through a proper adjustment period and providing her with all of the love and comfort she needs, the outcome will be so rewarding. If you have a home with other cats, or even an adult cat who loves to “mother” or care for younger cats, Ripley may be a perfect fit. One our young adult cats, Jay, has quickly taken up the mantle of temporary-father and lets her cuddle with him after bath time every day. Ripley loves catnip, toys, and acting like a normal kitten when nobody’s watching and does not mind being loved on when she’s napping.   The adoption fee is $50 which includes a free veterinary exam within 2 weeks of adoption at local participating vets, up to date vaccinations, FELV/FIV test, dewormer, flea preventative, microchip, and spay or neuter.   If you are seriously interested in adopting please fill our our online application here: We are open Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 5pm. Check out our website at    


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