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Alexandra, Spotty, and Rusty   

In shelter Cat

Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia...
Pet name:
Alexandra, Spotty, and Rusty
Tabby, Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Coat length:
We are Family! Please meet Alexandra (Mom – ginger tabby) and her two junior kittens, Rusty (female – brown tabby) and Spotty (male- brown tabby). The vets think that Alex is a young cat (around 4 years old), and that the kids are juniors (around 9 months old).

This family looks great now, but they didn’t look so great two months ago. These guys were saved by our rescue team from a hoarder house.  Alex  came in almost bald (suspected flea allergy) and all three were very skinny, scared and hungry.

Alex, the mom, 
is queen of the roost. She is quite the conversationalist, and likes to follow her people around the house, keeping an eye on everything. She likes her pets, and has gotten pretty good about being held/walked in arms. She enjoys tower time, tracking toys, and trying to help her foster mom eat ice cream!

Rusty, her daughter, 
 is an incredible charmer. She is extremely sweet and is happy for rubs and attention. Like her Mom, she too has gotten pretty good about being held/walked in arms. As far as bedtime goes, no one had to tell her where to go. She found the bed just great!

Spotty, her son, 
is the shy kid. He is a sweet guy, and marches to his own beat a bit. When Spotty is in a small safe space, he enjoys pets, rubs and being held.  He is still more timid in larger spaces, but his comfort level in open spaces is about a thousand percent better now. Now, we find him hanging out with the rest of the family (tailed and human) in common spaces.

Their Foster Family has really loved seeing these guys transform. They are all well-behaved and happy cats, and are looking for a permanent home that can make sure they live the good life, from here and after!

They would love to be adopted as a trio, but Alexandra and Spotty may be adopted together and Spotty may be adopted on her own to a home that already has a young cat or kitten.

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