Peaches Goodman   

In shelter Dog

Cuba, Allegany County, New York, Unit...
Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Mixed
White with Gray or Silver
Lost or found date:
Pet name:
Peaches Goodman
Coat length:
Peaches Goodman was born about November 18, 2010 and weighs about 32 lbs.  She is a pretty girl with rough coated fur in the white/grey/black range.  She is back with us after being gone for a few years - sadly, her human dad has passed away and her human mom is very ill.  Peaches has some reluctance to us reaching for her quickly and when you have company she is distrustful of humans coming into her home and will need to be crated or put in a separate room.  She is wonderful with the humans that she knows and trusts.  Peaches has a nice energy for her age and is pretty good on leash and enjoys the activity.  She is wonderfully house trained.  Overall, sadly she is an anxious girl and needs a human(s) that will satisfy her energy needs and someone that lives in a rather calm lifestyle without a lot of other humans coming and going.  She shivers and can get barky when she is stressed and when going in the car a Benedryl has been beneficial.  Peaches does well with the other dogs here. In April 2019 she was diagnosed with mammary carcinoma with a life expectancy of 1-2 years, but if that special human doesn't come along she will be loved and cared for here for whatever time she has left.  (7/2021 guess that vet was wrong- she is still doing well!) Update:  After Peaches failed two foster homes we are considering her a JR sanctuary pet.  Did you know that there are very special dogs and cats who call Joyful Rescues home? Peaches is what some may call “un-adoptable .” Joyful Rescues remains committed to our Sanctuary Dogs and Cats. They will stay with us for their natural lives and we will care for and love them. We will be their forever family. We wish we could do it alone but we need your help. We are looking for people who can help us with Peaches care. Please click the link below and donate. Peaches thanks you.     Can't Adopt Me?  SPONSOR ME Look for the Link "Special Instructions to Seller" if you want to note a particular pet Before you seek to adopt a pet from Joyful Rescues, please read our Pet Adoption page Online Application


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