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In shelter Dog

La Verne, California, 91750
Pet name:
Terrier, Mixed
White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
Coat length:

Breed Terrier Mix | 

 Small (11-25 lbs.) 

 | Age 5 years old/ Female  | Accepting Applications for Adoption

Hi, I’m Dina! I am a shy Terrier mix, I am 5 years old and weigh about 12-15 pounds. I am spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and have received a full dental including 10 extractions since being in rescue. Now that my teeth are better, I am a healthy, happy girl. I enjoy relaxing on your bed, on the couch with you, on your lap, pretty much just about any place you are. That’s the thing though, I am slow to warm up and if there is more than one person in the home I find my one person, and warm up to everyone else much more slowly. We’re talking slooooooooowly. I was rescued from an extreme hoarding situation and nearly all of the other nine dogs rescued with me seem to be very fearful as well, especially of men.

I am terrible on a leash, so if you like long walks, I am not your girl. I am just so scared of everything and for about five years I never left the house, not even to potty. If I am scared, I cower and I hide a lot when it’s not just me and my person, but don’t worry I have never once tried to nip or bite! With patience, love, and training a lot of my fear issues may be reduced or even eliminated (and I may even learn to walk on a leash!) My dream home is quiet and will not have a lot of company.

My foster Momma who is my number one person tells me I am a cuddle bug, and I am so glad she lets me sleep with her at night. I feel safe when I am near her. As much as I love and trust her though I still run away from her if I am eating, and she moves too quickly. With the exception of a line of fur straight down my back, my fur is very soft, and I hardly shed at all. I have been with my foster family since April 11th, 2021, and have become potty pad trained since then and potty in the back yard off of the leash when I feel safe. I have dog and cat siblings, and I do great with all of them both big and small. I can often be caught trying to cuddle with my foster siblings Bilbo or Danu. I would do okay as an only child if my person were home all of the time, but I think a sibling would be nice. Speaking of children, my foster moms think small children would scare me and be over stimulating but I would do great with older kids who were patient with me and are quiet like me.

I am the perfect blend of medium-low energy. I get the zoomies every time we go outside and will run laps for as long as possible and man can I jump when I am excited! My foster Mom says I have spring in my ankles, so the fences of my yard have to be high and secure. Once back inside though I am ready to relax…hopefully with my person. I love my foster moms a lot and can be extremely cuddly and affectionate with one of them. Although I will give you a warning if someone comes to the front door occasionally and I celebrate like crazy when you come home, I am otherwise pretty quiet kiddo. I am proud to say I have never once chewed anything in the house that I'm not supposed to. Both of my foster moms agree that I am a sweet and incredibly lovable girl, and they always tell me that whoever ends up making me part of their family is going to be beyond lucky. Sometimes I have trouble believing that because my last family got rid of me and weren’t very nice to me at all.

 I understand a lot of people will pass me by because of how afraid I am and because when I meet them, I am going to be so so scared, but I hope someone will see past the fear and see all of the love I have to give. Once they do, they won't regret it for a second!

Please visit our website if you would like to submit an adoption application. 

Dina's Adoption Donation Fee is $300.  Dina 

is spayed, current on all vaccinations has received a wellness exam, and is microchipped.

I Dream of Home Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. 

TAX ID: 81-0780050

I Dream of Home Rescue
PO Box 7612, La Verne, California 91750


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