In shelter Dog

La Verne, California, 91750
Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Italian Greyhound, Mixed
Tricolor (Tan, Brown & Black & White)
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JINX Yorkshire Terrier / Italian Greyhound Mix | Small (11-25 lbs.) | 9 Year Old / Spayed Female  | Accepting Applications for Adoption Hi, I’m Jinx! I have big doe eyes and super long legs and look like I just walked out of a Disney cartoon…except for my super cool mohawk. It gives me an edge. I have been with my foster family since April 4th and have become fully potty pad trained, and nearly outdoor trained, since then. I have multiple dog and cat siblings and I do great with all of them. Once in a while if one of the more active cats runs past me, I will get up and chase them to see what they're doing but will immediately leave them alone with a Leave It command. Although I had a prey drive when I first moved in and was really excited about the cats in my new home (they ran so fast!), I have learned to live peacefully with all of the cats. I love other dogs but don’t care for dogs that are too pushy or that are grumpy with me. I was really anxious and shy when I first met my foster family, and I was a bit uncomfortable being touched and held. I can be a little shy with new people at first because they have not always been nice to me, but I warm up to people very quickly and love cuddles and pets. Once I learn to trust you, you have my whole heart. I haven’t been around kids since coming into rescue, but our fosters think small kids would be a bit too much for me because I am easily startled. Teenagers with dog experience would be great! Also, I am easily startled when I am sleeping so it is best if I am woken up gently. Occasionally I will wake up from a dream and growl, but I have never bitten anyone. My foster moms assure me that it was just a dream, and no one is going to hurt me again I had a home with Bilbo, who is also with my foster family, before being surrendered to rescue. When I was rescued, I was in such a huge amount of pain because I had what the Vet called a luxating patella (imagine being completely dependent on an arm that had its shoulder out of the socket. It felt something like that), and I had been living that way for some time. I am not on any medication, but because of my previous injury it is important then I go to a home that enjoys relaxing. Occasional short walks are fun for me, but anything more than that really isn't a good idea. If someone is home with me, I am pretty quiet but I will proudly alert you if someone is at the door. I want to keep us all safe! I do get a little anxious when both of my foster parents leave, and I bark and whine for a while and eventually settle down- the length of time that I do this has reduced a ton! I usually just sit on the couch and look out of the window when they are gone so I can be the first one to greet them when they return. Also, I won't chew any of your stuff, I promise! If I do something you don't like I correct very easily but will cower and shrink away from you if you use too harsh a tone or move too quickly when I am in trouble. All I want to do is snuggle, take naps and be close to the humans in my life. I have already taken over my foster moms’ bed- I am happiest when I am spending time with them but I do have an independent streak. I know how to give you your space and am happy to curl up on my own bed near you. I enjoy naps and sleep through the night. I don’t really know how to play with toys yet, but I love to be playful with people and I LOVE food. I mean, I can eat! I enjoy being close to my foster siblings and I follow them around but I am still learning how to play with them. My perfect home would have an older companion dog to hang out with to help show me the ropes, or if I am extra lucky, with Bilbo. Although my foster moms do not think that we are bonded, we are very close and take a lot of comfort in being near each other. One thing I hope for more than anything else is that I will find my family and get to have a place to finally call my own. I understand a lot of people will pass me by because of my age, but I'm not too sad about that because I know that the perfect person or family is out there looking for me and will find me. Once they do, they won't regret it for a second! Please visit our website if you would like to submit an adoption application.  Jinx's Adoption Donation Fee is $275.  Jinx  is spayed, current on all vaccinations has received a wellness exam, a dental and is microchipped. I Dream of Home Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  TAX ID: 81-0780050 I Dream of Home Rescue PO Box 7612, La Verne, California 91750 www.idohr.org www.facebook.com/IDOHR.ORG


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