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In shelter Dog

Spring, Texas, 77373
Pet name:
Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Silky Terrier, Mixed
Silver & Tan (Yorkie colors)
Coat length:
All dogs listed here are available for adoption from Yorkie Rescue Houston.  Our goal is to ensure our rescued pets go to their forever home and never end up back in the system.  To that end, an application is required on all potential adopters.   Our adoption fee varies by dog.  We accept cash only.

Puppies too young to be spayed/neutered are available for Foster-to-Adopt only.  A FTA contract is required.

Heidi came to us as an owner surrender when her medical needs exceeded her family's ability to care for her.  She has severe allergies.  She's got bilateral ear infections, urinary tract infection, giardia, and is on eye meds! This precious girl has suffered a long time.  Rescue is just what she needed.  

From her foster:

Heidi is a sweet little soul. Fostering her has allowed me to learn her real value. She has the best disposition and has never showed any aggression. She is strong, highly intelligent and does not fear other dogs. She will protect her home and who she loves, hears the smallest noises. For the most part she is extremely quiet until the doorbell rings. She cuddles to her heart and very affectionate. She will sleep on a pillow, a blanket, and I have found her sleep in my close basket on the laundry 

. I will tell you she has allergies. I have to give her a Benadryl in the morning which last all day. I also bath her with medicated shampoo every 3-4 days. What I’ve come to learn is that she will tell you when she needs your attention with allergies. A few times a week. She watches TV every once and a while. My mother calls her Ladybug and Heidi caters to her. If Heidi is not laying next to her feet she lay in any space around my mom she can find to include the same chair. She doesn’t play with toys or eat carrots like my other dogs. I feed her Royal Canine for Yorkshire Terriers. I only give her 1/3 of a cup in 6 in the morning and 5 at night. She deserves love and works hard to earn it. Very special little animal.



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