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Chula Vista, San Diego County, Califo...
American Bulldog, Mixed
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Hyper, clumsy goofball. Acts like a giant puppy and will become extremely excited when greeted by his favorite people. Able to leash with no real issue but will try to push through kennel when opened. Walks good on leash for the most part, does jump around when he is first removed from kennel but will settle down fairly quickly. Loves attention and shmoozing. Still slightly uncomfortable with body handling unless hes familiar and comfortable with you. Seems to have some residual fear and trust issues when it comes to people but does warm-up. Enjoys human play and shows intrest in toys when presented to him. Takes some time to settle down. Will need a home who can provide lots of exercise to exert his energy, and working on teaching him that people are good. Does have a hard push on food but able to hand feed and take away without him showing any signs of resource guarding. Heavily treat motivated, great candidate for training. Knows `sit`, `down`, and `shake`. TLC type of dog, but definitely worth it for a life long companion. D-D: Met rude adolecent female similar in size. walk-by very interested and checked in with handler frequently as well as redirected attention to handler when called. Parallel walk started to inch closer to female and when female started to pull towards him in defense he whipped his body around and watched as her handler called to walk away. Upon initial meet with female he tried to sniff her and when female started to bark and come towards him, he jumped towards female and wrapped front legs around her and pushed her down then walked away from her. Due to the correction he displayed recommend dogs to not be let off leash until they are completely comfortable with one another. Female allowed him to sniff her and vice versa, towards the end of their interaction both dogs allowed to be near one another calmly laying on the floor.


  1. American Humane Association
  2. Peeva
  3. American Veterinary Medical Association
  4. Veterinary Information Network
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