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South Kingstown, Rhode Island, 02879
American Bulldog, Mixed
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Age: ~ 4 years (as of 03/19/21) Weight: 63.4 lbs (as of 05/05/21)    This dog has been spayed/neutered, is up to date on shots, on heartworm preventative and is microchipped.   Cheech wants to play! This handsome boy is looking for a forever home. We are thinking he is an American Bulldog mix around 4 years old. He will also answer to “Chee Chee” and “Chicharone.” Cheech is friendly with everyone he meets. He will tolerate activity and engagement from young children in small doses, and thus don’t recommend him for a family with young, or visiting young children. He would likely prefer a more mature and predictable crowd. Cheech has lived with other dogs and has shown to be inconsistent in how he gets along with them. Some he starts out ok with, only later to have problems. We thus think Cheech would do best as the only dog in a household. He is fine on leash walks around other dogs and has shown no leash reactivity when he sees them. We also don’t recommend him for a home with cats as he tends to chase them. He is housetrained however may mark in the house if he smells another dog mark. He is fully crate trained. His crate is called his ‘bed’ and will go there when told. He walks ok on the leash but could use more practice, as he tends to pull. He is a big strong boy that will need to strong confident adopter to work with him on his leash skills. He is a fairly quiet boy and only barks to get your attention. Cheech is calm in the car, either tethered or crated. He is also happy to chill with one of his favorite toys when not playing with you. A potential adopter will need to go slow, work on socialization, give him plenty of exercise, and provide structure as he transitions to life in a new home. Cheech needs an adopter who is committed to keeping his world small until he starts to settle in. The adopter should plan to limit visitors to his home, leave the dog at home (crated – not loose!) rather than taking him to soccer games, dog parks, etc, and focus on building a bond through structure and moderate obedience training. A fenced yard would be ideal so Cheech could run and play safely, but if that's not available he'll need lots of leash walks and opportunities for off-leash play in a fenced area. An obedience class is a must for him; it will help teach him good manners and commands, further socialization with other dogs and people, and will help build that very important bond between a dog and his human. Cheech is a loyal, sweet, and happy boy who just wants a loving forever home. Can you make his dream come true? Fill out an application today and let him know that you'd love to have him join your family! Cheech’s Story: He was rescued from a shelter in 2018. He was initially intended to be a service dog, but would get too excited in public and pull on his leash. About 6 months after adopting Cheech, an English Bulldog who was a better fit for a service dog, was also adopted. The two dogs got along well for over two years. They would play together and even sleep together. In August of 2020 the family adopted a female Mastiff x who was pregnant. Towards the end of having the puppies, Cheech started to growl at the English Bulldog and progressed to getting into fights with him if they were close. They were kept apart and periodically attempts were made to reintroduce them unsuccessfully. After about 4 months, the difficult decision was made to rehome Cheech because his life had become being kenneled most of the time with a few hours outside each day. Medical Note: This dog tested positive for exposure to ehrlichia while in SOS foster care. This does not mean that this dog had ehrlichia. This dog is/has been asymptomatic while in SOS care and was preventatively treated with a 28-day course of doxycycline. Please see here for more information on ehrlichia: Please check with your vet if you should have any questions or concerns about this condition, and discuss any concerns you may have with your SOS Adoption Counselor.   Adoption Fee: $585 To apply for this dog, fill out an adoption application on our website: **Additional info you should know - For most of our dogs, we are only guessing at predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each of our dogs as an individual and do our best to describe and place them based on personality not breed label. Some dogs may not yet be in New England, nor ready for immediate adoption. There may be additional vetting, quarantine, waiting periods and/or fees depending upon your state of residence. If you have questions or concerns on any of this, you can discuss this with your Adoption Counselor.


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