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Sedalia, Colorado, 80135
American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Mixed
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We all know that shelters are ridden with disease and cooties, but more often than not, we only really see disease in puppies. We recieved an urgent email that Hugo had broken with parvo and he only had a few hours until he was scheduled to be euthanized. Being an adult, we didn't have room to treat him in our clinic; he needed a foster. Essentially all of the fosters who take in parvo positive dogs, only are expreienced for puppies and we thought we were out of luck! The clock was ticking and Hugo was running out of time. We thought we were out of luck and time, but in the nick of time, a foster came to us willing to bring him into their home and fight this terrible disease. Being an adult, all of us were a bit guarded about Hugo's prognosis. We waited and waited for bad news to come our way, but it never did! Instead, we recieved the FANTASTIC update that Hugo beat Parvo and he is now ready to go to his forever family! We pulled Hugo, desperate to save his life, but not only did we get that, we also got to hear from his foster that he is the best dog in the world! Hugo spends his nights 'talking' at his foster momma and taking naps. Not only did he beat parvo in his foster, but Hugo also found his personality that he is desperate to share with his new family. Foster mom says: Hugo is the best boy. Despite coming to me with parvo, covered in dirt, and clearly not having had a great life, you’d never know it by his wonderful, playful, sweet personality. It has been such a joy to watch him experience comfort, toys, and playing for what is likely the first time. Hugo has been nothing but the sweetest little potato despite being sick for the first several days he was here. He has been patient with medicine, syringe feedings, ear cleanings, and baths. He was mildly curious about my cat but wiggly and easily diverted. He loves my chocolate lab and is eager to learn how to play properly. He responds well and learns quickly. He is delighted to receive attention and affection, and it’s hard to not want to smother him with it when he squirms his way as close as possible! He has the very best dinosaur bark, and prefers his eggs scrambled. Having never really had a home, whoever gets this absolute treasure will have the joy of getting to teach a willing pup who is eager to please and see him experience a lot of things for the first time. He will be the perfect addition to any family, and deserves the absolute best and lots and lots of snuggles and love. We are going to miss him so much and are happy to answer any questions and would love updates. have no back story or update for this dog at this time.  When we do, it will be updated here.  This is all the information we have currently. Approved Applicants may make the adoption fee payment by clicking donate above.  Partial adoption fees will not hold a dog. Dogs adopted with our rescue come with FREE training from #GoodPup to help you build strong bonds from the start! If upon meeting the dog of your choosing at your scheduled pickup time you find that you aren't a good match, your deposit will be fully refunded. Adoption fees include vaccines up until time of adoption, microchip, spay/neuter and 1st 30 days of free Pet insurance.  We are not affiliated with Pet First pet insurance. (you have to sign up for the insurance or it will not go into effect).   The dogs in our care are fostered in Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico.  While all dogs are picked up during our scheduled times, sometimes transport dates change due to unforeseen circumstances.   More questions?  Read our FAQs here:


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