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Asher 3   

In shelter Dog

Spring, Texas, 77373
Pet name:
Asher 3
American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed
Coat length:
  HI! I'M ASHER! I love long walks and LOVE to play! First thing people and canines notice about me are my bright green eyes! Darn Im handsome! My foster parents tell me I am a good boy and notice when I first meet people I am a little timid and shy but I slowly warm up and love the attention and compliments that come thereafter.  When I lived with my former dad, I wasnt well socialized and got hurt by two of my siblings, so, I get scared of other dogs when we go for our walks(I am dog reactive when I see a dog)and we are working on that! My foster family are working with me now on learning how to meet and greet new people and pets. Even though I get scared when I see other dogs, I LOVE my foster parents dogs! I LOVE to play with my foster mommy and her fur children(be part of the pack) just no rough play,makes me nervous. I am also told I think I am a lap dog and love to snuggle and get some lovin! My former owner told my foster mommy that I was his "therapy" dog. I snuggled with my dad when he was having a hard day or suffering from ptsd.  I AM a good boy, I just had a hard upbringing and just need some work with a professional trainer to work on my socialization skills and learning to greet new fur friends. As I said before, I get along well with my foster parents dogs but I met them slowly,after a couple of weeks with some training and now LOVE my brothers and sisters!I am not sure if I would do well with someone who has dogs, maybe if someone takes the time to work with me on slow greeting.. As for cats, I do not chase or show aggression to my foster moms cats but Im working on properly greeting them since Im excited to see them. I think I will do well with a cat/s that is used to dogs..I think a good mommy and/or daddy candidate would be someone who has experience with dogs and has time and patience to work with a trainer on my issues with interaction with other dogs. Ideally,someone who is home with me (I LOVE being with my human and prefer that to being alone) but I do well when at home alone too;someone who has time to be with and work with me and would be a strong handler.
 Please contact  for more information about this dog.    You can apply online by clicking on     Application    . Once your application is approved, we will schedule a meet and greet at one of our adoption events.    Thank you for considering a rescue!  The adoption fee includes vaccinations, Bordetella, de-worming, rabies, spay/neuter and microchip. There is a an additional $12.99 fee for Home Again for a lifetime registration of the microchip.
Puppies cannot be adopted outside of the Houston area until they are spay/neutered after they are 4 months old.  It is against the law in the State of Texas for a rescue not to be sterilized so we have to make sure it gets completed and that we have record of it. 
 NOTE: In our bios, we provide information based on our volunteer's experience with a particular dog; such as temperament, training, and ability to get along with others. 
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