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Caramel 4   

In shelter Dog

Spring, Texas, 77373
Pet name:
Caramel 4
American Staffordshire Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Brindle with White
Coat length:
Caramel is an American Staffordshire Terrier/Lab mix that just had his official first birthday with us on January 1!   He has been neutered and chipped and is ready for his forever home!  This dog has a wonderful personality, willing to play hard and then making up for it by being a super heavy sleeper (see video on dog bed above) Caramel is curious, wants to be with his humans outside to investigate every move, will alert with barks of a new situation, and loves to cuddle.

Caramel followed my elementary schooler home from the bus stop.  He was so friendly and playful, we thought for sure he belonged to someone somewhere and they would be missing him.  He loved all the attention and we waited for a few hours in the front yard hoping someone would respond to our post about this lovable, friendly dog.  When we realized he would stay with us for a while,  we had him checked out at the vet.  He was treated for worms and was heartworm negative.  He has been with us ever since and is going to be such a fun addition to his forever home.

 knows basic commands  sit, stay, lay down.  Knows asking, "Are you hungry?" means feeding time! Intelligent, friendly, playful, and would love to be a lap dog! Loves to greet people, especially if you take him with you to the door to greet.  He is cautious of new people in his space and is better with greetings outside.   Has been crate trained and will now enjoy his crate on his own for rest and/or sleep during the day.   Can be left in his crate for a few hours with no problem. Very easy care.  No allergies so far, isn't bothered by insect bites, and all medications work easily with no side effects for this pup.  

  Proper leash behavior (we use an extra long leash for playtime and a short leash for public outings).   Learning to heel!  Proper pal play (is learning jumping not acceptable and/or mouth play not good).   Caramel is an investigator!  Will pay attention to animal sounds and unusual noises, and can focus for long periods of time on figuring out a sound (see tv video above).   Is protective and will bark to alert of anything out of place until reassured of the commonality or we tell him "we know and it's okay".  We have a pool outside and he investigates for toads and will let us know if he sees one!  Struggles to trust pats on the head, but is ready to be petted everywhere else!

walks are good but runs are better (especially playing chase), fetch is ok, but tug of war is better, adults ok, but kids are better, cuddles and snuggles are best, but will take a lean or a paw on you if you don't have time to pet.  Is in heaven if he gets to sleep with a person!   He does sleep in his crate overnight but he is such a sleepyhead when he falls asleep outside his crate at night he needs some time to get up and get moving in there (see video).  Loves to explore outside and sun himself, will follow anyone around the yard to investigate and be curious about what his humans are doing.  Climbs the playgound to get a good vantage point and will slide down the slide unless it's wet (he doesn't like the rain!)

 needs a lot of oral stimulation.  Loves any chew toy, and will happily chew anything you give him, but keep a ready supply, or he will find the smelliest clothing or shoe to chew instead.  Nylabones and sticks are favorites.  Can be a barker and/or a digger without enough stimulation but is naturally a people pleaser, so easily broken of bad habits.  Can be fearful of pats on the head and will avoid direct touches to his face and head until he gets to know a person.  New people must be aware of proper dog approach for him.  Has never bitten anyone but shows he is scared by barking at person, though he barks to alert as well.  

 Willing to make anything into a game, which makes discipline a challenge. Thinks the open door is an invitation to leave the house, and wants to explore other areas and will escape an opening in the fence. 

Caramel's ideal home will be a place with a constant companion or two, with an active person and/or a person who likes to travel with his or her pet. Older children will be welcomed and younger children easily tolerated but also seen as fellow dogs to play as a free for all unless leashed.    


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