American Staffordshire Terrier, Mixed
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  Please only send inquires to the email in this bio all others will not be answered. Please read the bio before sending questions - we answer all we know about the dog here. Some dogs aren’t young, adorable, or puppyish! Some dogs are old or special needs as all humans will be at some point. We hope and pray there may be someone around to help us when we get that way- so does Pax. I’m(Pax) -one of those old special needs old dogs. I have none of the qualities most people look for in a dog: - Strike 1: I’m old - I’m around 9 yrs old, no one knows for sure except for my prior owner who tossed me to the curb like trash; I will die much sooner than a younger dog - Strike 2: I’m totally deaf - can’t hear the love of some ones voice and can’t hear when someone is trying to help me be a better dog - Strike 3: I was heart-worm positive; I am done with my treatment and likely no longer positive, I will know in a few months; my foster dad makes sure I get heart-worm prevention as all dogs should! - Strike 4 - I’m not gorgeous like puppies are; my skins not perfect, I have a couple skin tags and wrinkles - Strike 5- I’ve been hungry lots over the years so have chewed rocks and other things - I don’t have great teeth - Strike 6 - I am a bit mouthy…. I like the taste of your hands so I will put them in my mouth- I won’t hurt you intentionally; I would not hurt someone but just to be safe, no small kids because I might want their food; even a friendly non-aggressive mouthing could make a little one cry and I get sad when kids cry. - Strike 7 - I love food; probably because I have been hungry a lot in my life; I grab food a little rough when given a snack; I do not mean to hurt you but the food tastes so good! Mike my foster dad took me to Stellas today in Gulfport- and I did really good taking my meal. Mike’s fingers were in my mouth a lot but I never hurt him… I am getting better - Strike 8: I’ve been with my new temporary foster 3-4 months and have had a couple accidents; most were when I was on Prednisone - boy that stuff makes you thirsty…. When I am on that I have to pee a lot but I am not on that anymore so I do really good! If you aren’t attentive, I might have an accident, but rarely Wow, so many strikes. Why won’t people see past these strikes and get to know me? Mike loves me and I am comfortable but he takes care of lots of dogs so I don’t spend as much time with him as I want! I want to be in a home with someone I can love all day and night. Someone who will see my strikes as challenges that can be overcome. I am goofy, loving, chill, wobbly, loyal but lonely …. Please consider fostering me or even better adopting me! Pax adoption donation is $300 Obedience training is also required for all our pups.  We understand with what is going on in the world that this may be a bit delayed.  Please email us the completion certificate. To apply to foster or adopt please fill out application at Thank you for completing the application. We are all volunteers and short on time, we will contact you back only if we have more questions or your application is approved and you will be invited to meet the dog. We apologize for not being able to answer everyone back. For more information contact DOGS are in Foster Homes. There is NO shelter. **Our companions MUST live in your home as part of your family.**We do not transport. **See our website for more information. All communication is thru email so please be patient with us.  We are all volunteers and work full time jobs and have families of our own. It takes anywhere between 3-7 days to process an application - the more complete the application the easier it is for us to process it.  Please notify your vet that we will be contacting them and to release information to us.   ADOPTION PROCESS: 1. Complete this application ***Everyone must submit an application - we only keep them on file for 1 month 2. Application background check, vet check, etc 3. Invitation thru email to meet the dog(s). 4. Adoption Contract


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