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Austin, Travis County, Texas, United ...
Anatolian Shepherd, Mixed
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We couldn't think of a more fitting name for Twister because once you befriend him, you'll get caught up in a whirlwind of love! If you're a solo person looking for an awesome companion, Twister is your man. This sweet boy will happily sit quietly by your side and lend a listening ear. It's hard not to fall in love when you look into those soulful brown eyes that say, "Come sit down with me and tell me all about your day." Want to play? Well, Twister is a puppy at heart! His joy is contagious when he's chasing after balls or playing tug with his rope toy. He is always up for fun and games, and he will sweep you up into a spin of laughs for years to come. His foster mom says he looooooves playing brain games and is happy as a clam entertaining himself with puzzles. Plus, he's well-mannered in the house and crate-trained to boot! Twister is quite an amazing walking buddy. He gets excited at the mention of a walk. And he'll be happy to take some wonderful long walks to keep you both moving. He is easily distracted from possible annoyances. So, no worries there. He is such a pleasure to spend time with. A gentle soul, and a quiet companion, Twister is happiest in a home with just one best friend. He also wants to be the only animal in the home. He's the kind of guy that you can pour your heart out to - and he really listens. He's super easy to have in the home, and everyone says the same thing about him.... 'He's just so sweet'! Twister has some allergies that show up now and then on his skin. He's not bothered by it. He just figures he's a regular Austinite. Twister is loved by all at APA!, and we are waiting for his one true friend to come along and scoop him up. With his outstanding obedience skills and those heart-melting eyes, he will quickly find his way into your heart and fill it up. Twister enjoys learning new things (as long as there are snacks involved) and is in the Total Obedience Program. Check out a video on APA's CGC program to learn more:


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